The Divine Feminine is a limitless connecting web of life, SHE is the unseen soul of the cosmos, the intermediary between the unknowable and life in this dimension.

The Shekinah describes the feminine as Mother, Beloved, Sister and Bride—and she gives women what we have lacked throughout the last two thousand years in Western civilization, an image of the Divine Feminine that is reflected at the human level within ourselves. The Shekinah awakens our Divine Motherhood as we become the Mother of All Living things and honor and defend life and our planet.

The Shekinah brings together in a resplendent relationship heaven and earth, the Divine and the Human, the invisible and visible and all polarities in sacred union.

Shekinah is in all Creation, even the apparent insignificant and ordinary of what we call everyday life. She turns our Human Experience into something to be loved, embraced, honoured and celebrated because she is the epiphany of the divine intelligence and love that has brought all into manifestation and SHE dwells within all that is manifested.

Poem to Shekinah

breath filling body

creating new space

soundless vibration

i deepen as

she appears from the dark

smooth and serpentine

intense, she penetrates

i deepen

our energy connects

holy and sacred

she coils around me