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St. Teresa Of Ávila Feast Day

Today is the Feast Day of St. Teresa of Ávila.

Mystic and Magdalene

Teresa of Ávila, the first woman to be proclaimed Doctor of the Church, has always had a very special place in my heart since I was a child. My parents named me after her (my name is Ana Teresa), and her faith and prayer goes beyond any established religion. She was a Mystic, a Magdalene, a Cosmic Virgin, a Business Woman, a Visionary.

Born in Ávila in 1515 (66 numerology, the Divine Feminine), her parents were Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism. She was a Noble Woman and was gifted with inner and outer beauty. It is said that she was so radiantly beautiful that people would stop and look at her with admiration as she walked down the streets of Ávila. At 19 she decided to join the Convent as she was extremely spiritual and wanted to receive a formal education and she didn´t want to marry and give up her life as a seeker of Knowledge and Wisdom. We know that in this time women were married off at a young age and their destiny was to have children and serve in the home.

Her prayer was ecstatic and she received many apparitions of Mother Mary and Yeshua.

We pray to her so she may bless us with her Faith and that we surrender to the Love of the Divine Mother. To embody the Divine Feminine Presence there must be DEVOTION, FAITH and RECEPTIVITY.

A Love Song

Majestic sovereign,

timeless wisdom,

your kindness melts my hard,

cold soul.

Handsome lover,

selfless giver,

your beauty fills my dull,

sad eyes.

I am yours, you made me.

I am yours, you called me.

I am yours, you saved me. I am yours, you loved me.

I will never leave your presence.

Give me death, give me life.

Give me sickness, give me health.

Give me honour, give me shame.

Give me weakness, give me strength.

I will have whatever you give.


St. Teresa pf Ávila

I have always had a tendency to develop a deep fondness for the men who guide my soul. Because I feel safe with them, I express my affection. This often seems to make them uncomfortable. Being God-fearing servants of the Lord, they are afraid that my love for them—even if it is a very spiritual love—might become a dangerous temptation for me, so they have treated me harshly. . . . Sometimes when I saw how they were misinterpreting my feelings for them, I would laugh to myself but I wouldn’t let on to them how unattached I really was to any human being. But I did reassure them, and as they got to know me better, they realized that my primary attachment was to the Lord. . . . Once I had seen this Beloved of mine and discovered how easily and how continually I could converse with him, my confidence in the divine friendship increased.

— Teresa of Avila, from Teresa of Avila: The Book of My Life

St Teresa of Avila was a nun and lived in a Convent, yet she lived a totally embodied Feminine Experience. She felt and honored the Divine Masculine and many important men were very close to her. This in her time was also seen as something wicked and dangerous by the Inquisition. There were many attempts to charge her for heresy, yet the love a powerful man had for her was what saved her from being burned in the Flames.

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