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St Teresa of Ávila on Union

"Union is as if in a room there were two large windows through which the light streamed in; it enters in different places but it all becomes one."

St. Teresa of Ávila

St. Teresa of Avila's metaphor of light streaming through two windows to illuminate a single room offers a profound understanding of divine union, but it also invites us to consider the concept of unity on a broader scale. Although we may have our individual experiences, perspectives, and paths to spirituality, the ultimate aim is to merge with the Divine and, in doing so, recognize our interconnectedness with all of humanity.

Just like the separate beams of light that enter through different windows but merge to form a single source of illumination, so do we aim to unite our individual essence with the Divine in a harmonious and seamless way. In that unity, there is also the implicit realization that we are not alone; that we are interconnected with others in this intricate web of existence. Our divine union isn't just a union with a higher power; it's a union with the world around us, a feeling of deep, connection with every living being.

We have a shared destiny, reminding us that each of us carries a spark of the Divine Light. We are unified not only in our joys but also in our sufferings, in our quests for meaning, and in the love that we give and receive.

When we achieve a state of divine union, the boundaries between self and other, between the individual and the Divine, and between oneself and the rest of humanity, begin to dissolve. We no longer see ourselves as separate entities struggling in a vast universe but as integral parts of a grand cosmic design.

St. Teresa's words encourage us to seek that union consciously—to open our "windows," let the light in, and also to let that light spill out onto others. Whether through prayer, meditation, acts of kindness, social justice, or spiritual practice, we align ourselves more closely with our higher selves, the Divine, and, by extension, all of humanity.

The room in her metaphor becomes not just our individual spiritual sanctum but the collective soul of humanity. Each act of divine union then becomes an act of uniting with all of humanity, of recognizing our common struggles, dreams, and aspirations. We come to see that divine union is not an abandonment of self or others but a fulfillment of the self in its most profound form, in unity with the Divine and all of humanity.

So, as we journey through our individual spiritual paths, let us keep in mind St. Teresa's words. No matter what direction we come from, the ultimate goal remains the same: to be infused with that Divine light until "it all becomes one"—one with the Divine, one with ourselves, and one with humanity.

Shabbat and Equinox Blessings to all of you.

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Sending love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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