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St. Teresa of Avila Novena. Day 2

Ahava and Blessings

Today we celebrate day 2 our Novena to St Teresa of Ávila as a powerful prayer of seeding in this New Moon in Libra.

The more Teresa of Ávila surrendered to a love relationship with the Abwoon, the Divine Mother-Father, the more visions began to pour through. These raptures and ecstasies were talked about and she was repeatedly denounced by the Spanish Inquisition. Not one Man from the Inquisition jury could prove her a heretic. It is said that they all actually fell at her feet, either transformed by the power of her prayer or by falling totally in love with such a radiant and pure woman. Unconventional she was, and powerfully committed to her visions and channelings. She taught that prayer was dance, invocation, reflection, ceremony, and even when you are coooking you pray. St Teresa of Ávila called her Prayer HOLY INTOXICATION.

Day 2 of Novena

Say out loud:

St. Teresa, I ask that you open the doors to the interior castle of my heart so I too may begin the journey into the power of prayer. I ask that you grant me this gift. Make me a channel of Creativity and Inspiration.

Read the following written by St. Teresa of Ávila. Please note that GOD as she calls the Divine has no Gender, I am just being faithful to the translation.

You should know that for more than eight days I’ve been in such a state that, if it were to continue, I would not be able to attend to business. Since before I last wrote to you I’ve begun having raptures again, and they’ve been a problem because they’ve happened several times in public. . . . It’s no use resisting them, or pretending that nothing is happening. I get so embarrassed that I want to hide, anyplace at all. I pray wholeheartedly to God to stop making this happen to me in public, and you will have to pray too, because it’s a real nuisance, and it doesn’t seem to help me at all in prayer. Lately I’ve been seeming almost as if I were drunk.

Teresa of Avila, in a letter to her brother, Lorenzo, from : The Progress of a Soul

St. Teresa of Ávila believed in a balance between holy madness and common sense. She surrendered to the unbearable longing for union with the Beloved, and yet she always remembered she had a nunnery and business to tend to.

On this second day of our Novena let us open up to this balance and know that our spiritual love affair, holy intoxication, gives us strength to be totally human and tend to our needs. At the same time, honoring our humanity and even seeing our business, work, as sacred rite, will actually be a foundation for us to spend more time in ecstatic union ultimately with our souls.

When you are finished reflecting, chant and do the Movement Prayer in the video included below.







Ana Otero

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