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Stillness and Manifestation

Happiness and Abundance is available to us all, in every moment.

Bening in stillness awakens our power of understanding the extraordinary in the ordinary and Knowing fulfillment rather than emptiness. The true magic of being Human is knowing that we are sacredness and abundance. Stillness is not in contrast with manifestation, but is the essence of manifestation and the balance necessary to be able to manifest.

Egoic emptiness is not the same as stillness. Egoic emptiness is something that has been so ingrained in our consciousness and that has been passed down generation to generation. The result of this has been an enormous separation of Spirit from Matter. Stillness reminds us to infuse all Matter with Spirit, as the essence of Matter is Spirit. In this split we are never satiated, we have a longing for more, we start comparing ourselves to others, a lack of gratitude sets in and then we start to do more and create more from our egoic emptiness.

All existence circulates in perfect balance, emanating a divine harmony. When did we forget this? When did we forget that we are actually enough? Sometimes it is important to ask ourselves, What comes now? instead of What is next?

Stillness is the most active state of being I have ever experiences and through stillness I have come to Know the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother, and when we KNOW HER, our faith in our human existence is restored and from this place we create with wholeness, with gratitude, with love and confidence. All that we create from this space is sustained and expanded. This is true manifestation.

Ana Otero

Magdalene Myrraphore Tradition. Healing and Awakening with Sacred Essential Oils.

May the Magdalene guide us infinitely.


Ana Otero

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