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Taurus - Iyar Alignment

We approach the month of Iyar - Taurus and as we spiral with the Cosmic Intelligence, the frequencies and teachings associated with this month begin to be poured over us.

The Month of Iyar - Taurus is the month of Healing. Every day is a perfect day to heal, yet in this particular month Healing Capacity is expanded. This is also the month that is connected with the Prophetess Myriam and her Healing Well. This month of Iyar is also associated with the Aramaic - Hebrew letter VAV. This is pictured as a connection point from heaven to earth. The VAV is actually who we are, the Divine Child, the “gates” between heaven and earth.

The VAV is expressed in Psalm 24.

Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

As the VAV we are asked to bring down heaven on Earth through our relationship with Shekhinah.

During this month of Iyar, which asks us to heal from the inside out, make a point of recognizing the Shechinah dwelling inside you.

Taurus is the union of matter with Spirit through the Presence of the Holy Spirit, of Shekhinah. Neptune as a planet resides in the pineal gland, what many Gnostics call the seat of the soul. Through the decalcification of the pineal gland our body is opened to the experience of receiving the Holy Spirit, since its dwelling is said to be activated in the Pineal Gland.

The Bull, related to Taurus, represents our procreative desire. When we unite the energy of the Bull with the Energy of Neptune there is an activation in the throat Chakra, the seat of Taurus in our body, which awakens our clairaudient capacity. From this clairaudient power we are able to listen to the sound of our breathing, which is the presence of Shekhinah, and listen to the messages of the beings of Light. Shekhinah's messenger angel, Sandalphon, reveals himself to us and creates a bridge for communication with Cosmic Energies. Taurus in the Aramaic Activations is Malkootah, the New Divine Earth.

Taurus is about a holistic self-sufficiency that applies to all levels of a human being, including the material, bodily, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Material self- sufficiency is being able to support oneself financially. Bodily self-sufficiency is knowing how to care for and heal one's body as much as possible by oneself, and through a healthy lifestyle. Emotional self-sufficiency is self-love, instead of leaning too much on others. Mental self- sufficiency is not being overly dependent on others for knowledge. And spiritual self-sufficiency is deriving our peace and happiness from within, not from without.

This month, give yourself permission to spend time looking at your deeper issues to bring yourself into a new alignment. Offer extra care and attention to your physical body. Nourish yourself. The pursuit of healing takes an enormous amount of courage, strength, and dedication.

A beautiful practice in this month of Iyar - Taurus is to call in the Element of Earth:

We call into our body, mind and heart the elements of steadiness and stability for our own lives and our loved ones. Calling in the foundation of deep unwavering support and love to ourselves and the world. Thank you for the gifts of Mother Earth, and of our own incredible capacity to give and receive love and support. We align and attune to you.

Aramaic Activation: Arha

Journaling Questions:

In what ways do you feel supportive?

Stable? Steady?

How do you feel love in your body and give love to the world?

Are there any areas where you could ground and root yourself by bringing yourself closer to the element of earth?

What ways do you feel connected to your own earth element?

Do you let your hands and feet touch trees or dirt regularly, what are other creative ways to stay in close relationship with Mother Earth?

The month of Iyar - Taurus is also an exaltation of the Pleiadian frequencies, these of course being strong healing energies. In this month of Taurus it would be perfect to start to work with Sarah Tamar and the Infinity Codes.

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If you would like to align with the Cosmic Intelligence through Gnostic - Biblical Astrology CLICK HERE. In this Course you will learn practices, meditations, drumming, oils, herbs, teachings, etc.,that will guide you into the reception of the Iyar - Taurus Frequencies.

Sending all of you so much love.


Ana Otero

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