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The 5 Angelic Powers of Women

In this story of the Night Journey, the Sufi Shaykh Kabbani links women to a number of the powers given to WOMAN by Alaha.

These 5 paradises were channeled through Archangel Gabriel and he puts into writing the following Angelic Powers given to Women by Alaha.

1. The Abode of Peace. Women are the source of Peace and for Peace to be manifested on Earth and in Humanity, the Practice of Shalom, to be whole, to be complete, to be in Divine Union, is the journey to awaken this first paradise.

2. The Abode of Constancy. Women can navigate, journey and bring order to chaos. According to the Sufi who received this information from Archangel Gabriel, women intuitively know how to shelter, nurture and mother, and these attributes make women the strength of Humanity.

3. The Abode of Eternity. Not only do Women perpetuate Life, Women can tap into Infinity by opening the Heart Chamber and activating Unconditional Love. 4. The Sheltering Garden. Women are bountiful and generous and are considered Fertile Land, the pure source of Abundance, as Women have the capacity to give without counting.

5. Beauty. When a Woman awakens, She is crowned with the Diadem of Angelic Grace.

These are such beautiful Light Codes of Mother Eve. I hope these 5 Angelic Powers speak to you as they have spoken to me.


Ana Otero

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