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The 7 Sorrows of Mother Mary

As we navigate yet another cycle of Adar - Pisces in the next new moon (this is because of the leap year), we find ourselves in the deep teachings of the month of lent, preparing ourselves to relive the Via Dolorosa of Yeshua Messiah.

In 2022, while I was on a pilgrimage, I a had a powerful vision of Mother Mary walking out from the ocean and in this 2024, this same vision came to me as I was meditating in front of the Mediterranean Sea. I immediately connected to the 7 Sorrows of Mother Mary and how these sorrows are activated during the Period of Lent.

These 7 Sorrows of Mary are also teachings that we can apply in our life, just as the 7 Demons of Mary Magdalene.

The Seven Sorrows, or Dolors, represent seven significant events in Mary’s life that brought her immense grief and anguish:

1.The Prophecy of Simeon: When Mary and Joseph presented the infant Yeshua in the Temple, the elderly Simeon prophesied that a sword of sorrow would pierce Mary’s heart.

This sorrow speaks to the pain of anticipation and the anguish of knowing that hardship awaits. In our lives, these can be moments when we are given a glimpse of future challenges, whether through a diagnosis, a forewarning of difficult times ahead, or the inevitable losses we face. The spiritual growth comes from the faith and strength in the face of impending adversity, trusting in a higher purpose and finding peace despite uncertainty.

2. The Flight into Egypt: To protect Yeshua from King Herod’s murderous intent, Mary, Joseph, and Yeshua fled to Egypt, becoming refugees in a foreign land.

This is a reminder of the resilience required to navigate unfamiliar territories, both literally and metaphorically. Spiritually, it teaches us about trust in divine guidance and the strength found in family and community, encouraging us to extend compassion to those in similar situations.

These unfamiliar territories can also be an inner journey, activating changes within our lives that seem to displace us.

3. The Loss of the Child Yeshua in the Temple: During a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Mary and Joseph lost track of Yeshua for three days, causing them great distress.

Losing Yeshua for three days is an experience of profound anxiety and loss for any parent, reflecting our own experiences of losing loved ones or the fear of separation. This sorrow teaches us about the pain of uncertainty and the joy of reunion, highlighting the spiritual journey of seeking, losing, and ultimately finding deeper connections with our faith and with those we love.

I also see this sorrow as the loss of our connection with the Shekhinah, the Divine Feminine Presence. How long have we walked in our life feeling lost and not knowing that we are the children of the Divine Mother?

4. The Meeting of Yeshua and Mary on the Way of the Cross: Mary encountered her son Yeshua, carrying the heavy cross to Calvary, a moment filled with sorrow.

Witnessing a loved one’s suffering is a piercing sorrow, paralleling moments when we must stand by, feeling helpless as those we care for endure hardship. This sorrow teaches compassion and empathy, reminding us of the power of presence — being there for others in their darkest moments, offering love and support as a reflection of divine love.

5. The Crucifixion and Death of Yeshua: Mary stood at the foot of the cross, witnessing her beloved son’s crucifixion and death.

The crucifixion speaks to the pain of watching a part of ourselves die. The spiritual lesson here is about surrender and acceptance, the understanding that through death comes resurrection, and in our deepest losses, we can find the seeds of new beginnings.

6. The Taking Down of Yeshuas’ Body from the Cross: The lifeless body of Yeshua was taken down from the cross and placed in Mary’s arms, intensifying her sorrow.

Holding the lifeless body of her son, Mary’s sorrow is one of profound grief and mourning. This reflects our own experiences of confronting the finality of death, holding space for grief, and allowing ourselves to fully feel loss. It teaches us about the process of letting go, honoring our pain, and gradually moving towards healing. This process of letting go happens every night when we close our eyes for a restful sleep, and in those moments when we are forced to let go of relationships, homes, countries, friends, jobs, anything that we are being asked to release in order to move forward.

7. The Burial of Yeshua: Mary, with the help of others, laid her son’s body in the tomb.

Laying Yeshua in the tomb symbolizes the final farewell, a moment we all face with our loved ones. It is a sorrow that teaches acceptance and the courage to face a future without someone we cannot imagine living without. Spiritually, it reminds us that while our physical presence with our loved ones may end, our spiritual connection endures, guiding us to find peace in the continuity of love beyond physical existence.

This also teaches us that all experiences and people remain in our hearts, in a timeline where past , present and future are one.

Part of the wisdom of navigating lent and reflecting upon la Via Dolorosa of Yeshua Messiah is to also experience the Passion of Christ through our reflections and purification. We tend to equate pain with something bad, and if we consider ourselves spiritual, our tendency is to run away from it. Pain purifies when channeled properly, so if you are going through any painful experiences, maybe a dark night of the Soul or maybe just navigating changes in your life, remember to allow the mind to rest and bring your energy down to the heart and body. Let the pain, the tears, just as the tears of Mother Mary, purify what is dying so the new can emerge. 

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Sending my love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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This is so beautiful Ana, “pain purifies when channelled properly” there is so much depth, truth and mercy in everything you have written. Bless you, thankyou, AHAVA, Amein.

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Bless you. Ahava

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