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The Aramaic Beresheet

The Aramaic Beresheet, the first word of the Creation Story, carries within it layers of mystical meaning that go beyond the literal interpretation of the text. By delving into the metaphysical aspects of the word "Beresheet" and its connection to the concept of infinite light and creation, we can uncover a profound understanding of the divine process and the nature of existence itself.

The word "Beresheet" in Aramaic, like its Hebrew counterpart, means "In the beginning." However, there are hidden meanings and subtle nuances encoded within this word.

At the heart of the mystical interpretation of the Aramaic Beresheet is the concept of "infinite light". This infinite light represents the divine energy or life force that permeates all creation. It is an eternal and boundless radiance, which is the source of all existence. This light is said to vibrate at the highest frequency, continuously emanating from the divine and creating infinitely.

"Beresheet" can be broken down into two smaller words: "Bara," which means "created" or "to create," and "sheet," which is associated with the concept of infinity. Together, these words form a powerful affirmation of the divine act of creation and the infinite nature of the divine light that permeates all existence.

In the mystical understanding of the Aramaic Beresheet, the infinite light is said to vibrate at various frequencies, creating the different dimensions and aspects of reality. These vibrations are likened to a divine symphony, with each frequency corresponding to a unique aspect of creation. The act of creation, as described in the Beresheet, is seen as the divine orchestration of these vibrations, resulting in the harmonious and infinitely diverse universe that we experience.

The more we chant, tone, and repeat the Beresheet, we will be able to embody the Sound Current of this sacred word. Just imagine carrying within you the frequencies of creation as it was in the beginning.

In my new musical creation, one of the songs we recorded is titled Beresheet. I must say it has come to be one of my favourite mantras and prayers.

Sending all of you so much love. Let us remember always that we are creation creating infinitely.


Ana Otero

The Desert Rose Mystery School

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