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The Black Madonna is Healing Us. Venus - Shabbat Message

Venus - Shabbat Message

In Gnostic - Biblical Astrology and in the teachings of the Desert Rose, the Aquarius Lunar Cycle is known as the month of Shevat, and as one of the symbols of Aquarius is the Tree of Life, it is a powerful moment to connect with the Trees. This symbolism and alignment is seen in this present day as the holiday Tu B´shevat, celebrated by the Jewish Communities as a holy moment to honor and plant trees.

On this Venus - Shabbat morning I had a long walk and spent time honoring the trees and specially looking at the deep roots of the tree, roots that anchor the tree in the depths of the Womb of Gaia.

The roots of a tree represent a connection to the Earth and her nourishing energy, while the womb of Gaia is symbolic of the great mother who gives birth to all living things. Both images remind us of the interconnectedness of all living things, and the importance of caring for our environment and each other.

I thought to myself, I can anchor my roots deep into the earth and send my healing prayers to all of those in so much need in Turkey - Syria. And so there I was, amongst the trees, praying the Shlom Lech Maryam, the Hail Mary in Aramaic.

Shlom Lech Maryam

Malyat Teyboot Moran a Mech

o Qadeeshtoo Maryam

wambarakhoo feero dabkharsekh

And as I prayed, I looked to the tree, to the Asherah, to the Black Madonna, and I got on my knees and asked The Black Madonna for hope and healing. She is a spiritual mother, a divine source of love, compassion, and protection. Her presence in our lives offers us an opportunity to be healed and restored in body, mind and spirit. She reminds us that we can be made whole, and that healing is possible for all of humanity. Her message is one of transformation, of hope, of courage, and of love.

Take time today to pray the Shlom Lech Maryam, this beautiful Light Language in Aramaic that is a Prayer to our Great Mother.

Sending all of you so much love. In a few days I will be back in my Temple Space with so many inspirations and downloads, and ready to begin a new cycle. I will also be gathering all of us in Community to pray the Magdalene Rosary for those who are suffering in this moment.


Ana Otero

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