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The Blood of Wisdom

The Blood of Wisdom

In the teachings of the Desert Rose, a Woman´s Moon Blood and the whole process of releasing this blood was likened to the embodiment of the Black Madonna.

During a woman´s moon cycle, it was seen as a woman´s holy responsibility to cleanse humanity and the collective consciousness, so the Moon Blood was offered to the Earth as the Earth in the Form of beloved Asherah or Black Madonna, would receive the pain and what needed to be purified.

There were also women in the Desert Rose traditions that took on the responsibility to stop their menstrual cycle. As it is written in Sacred Scripture, Sarah, Mother Anna, Mother Mary and Elizabeth (mother of Yohanan the Baptizer), all conceived through Light Conception. These women were able to conceive through Light Conception as they were in their wisdom years and they were containing their blood within and using this energy to go into Higher States of Consciousness which would ultimately give them the power to embody Shekhinah and receive the Holy Spirit for the purpose of Immaculate Conception. Mother Mary was not in her wisdom years, she was very young.

Mother Mary went to the temple at the age of three according to the Gospel of the Birth of Mary:

The holy Virgin ran toward the Temple, overtaking her attendant maidens and threw herself into the arms of the High Priest Zacharias, who was waiting for her at the gate of the Temple with the elders. Zacharias blessed her saying, “It is in you that He has glorified your name in every generation. It is in you that He will reveal the Redemption that He has prepared for His people in the last days.”

Then, Zacharias brought the child into the Holy of Holies—a place where only the High Priest was permitted to enter once a year on the Day of Atonement. He placed her on the steps of the altar, and the grace of the Lord descended upon her. She arose and expressed her joy in a dance as wonder seized all who saw this happen.

The Virgin Mary dwelt in the Temple for nine years until, reaching an age for marriage, she was taken from the Temple by the priests and elders and entrusted to Joseph as the guardian of her virginity.

Mother Mary along with the other Maidens in the Temple were Maryams, Priestesses of the Light. They went through powerful rights of purification and deep practices so that at a young age they could contain their blood within, allowing for the possibility of the Conception through Light and for the purpose of Embodying the Shekhinah. Women who bore the title of Maryams would have all practiced these Rights of Light, including Mary Magdalene. As a Maryam, Mary Magdalene would have practiced Light Conception as well, and so this Royal Bloodline of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene is actually a lineage of Light.

Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the Desert Rose by Ana Otero

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