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The Book of Life

Jewish Mystics teach that the days between Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur known as the days of AWE take us out of linear time into a cyclical time, a time that is infinite and not bound by a beginning and an end. The circle is used as a symbol in all rituals to remind us of this.

This portal goes beyond religion and was revered by many teachers, prophets and prophetesses of the Desert (Including Yeshua and Mary Magdalene). It is a time to surrender our ego and purify the soul. It is said that the ABWOON, the Divine Mother-Father, takes our Book of Life, and writes in it the fate for the rest of the year.

Let each day be a surrendering, a humble offering of ourselves.

This is part of the teachings of the Biblical Zodiac. In this moment let us receive creation and open ourselves up to the Light as we dive deep into the darkness.


Ana Otero

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