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The Bridal Chamber


Welcome the New Lunar Cycle Adar - Pisces. Aramaic Creation Spirituality

As we step into the mystical month of Adar under the sign of Pisces, we are reminded of the ancient teaching of the Bridal Chamber, the teachings of Divine Union, Completeness, Wholeness. These are the teachings of Shalom, Shlama, Salam, Peace, Paz.

The Bridal Chamber, a symbol of divine union and inner sanctum, invites us to explore the sacred space where our soul meets the Divine in an intimate embrace.

In Adar - Pisces, the veil between the seen and unseen thins, and we are called to dive deeper into the spiritual waters of our being.

In this sacred month, we are encouraged to prioritize our accessibility to the Divine over our outward connections. It is a time to focus inward, to listen to the whispers of our soul, and to feel the gentle pull towards the heart of all existence.

Adar, a month of joy and transformation, aligns with the fluid, boundless nature of Pisces, reminding us that our truest connection, our most profound union, lies not in the external world but in the depths of our spiritual journey.

Let us embrace the lessons of the Bridal Chamber and Adar-Pisces season:

  • To seek the divine within, beyond the hustle of daily life.

  • To allow the waters of Pisces to wash over us, cleansing our spirits and drawing us closer to the Divine.

  • To celebrate the joy of Adar by deepening our inner connection, finding bliss in the divine presence that dwells within each of us.

As we navigate the waters of this new month, may we all find our way to the Bridal Chamber of our hearts, where the divine awaits with open arms. Let us make this Adar a journey of spiritual intimacy, where being accessible to the Divine becomes our greatest joy and strength.

Below I leave you with a beautiful Sacred Dance Practice for this New Moon.

Blessed Magdalene Shabbat to all of you.

Kadash Kadash Kadash

Holiness is attained when you are so in tune with your soul that even as you are involved in the world, you continue to increase the light of the soul shining in your body, and rise in spirit, faith, and wisdom. A holy person blossoms in his - her radiance and makes others shine.

At times the unholy ego tells you not to get too close to people and experiences, or you may become dependent. Sometimes the unholy ego takes you to draw back from giving of yourself for fear that if you give too much, there won´t be anything left for you.

Live is about offering and receiving.

I ask you to understand that you truly are a generous being, for you are made in the image of Alaha.

Offering is more than giving. It is acting from your heart without expectations. It is about doing acts of kindness and generosity by reaching out to others and not wanting anything in return.

When giving becomes an offering there is an energetic exchange that happens, as you offer, you will automatically receive.

Offering may take from your time, energy, and money, and this is what holiness is about. For you, humanity, are nothing without each other, you are one. When you offer and have compassion for other people, you are working within the circle of life. Your generosity is part of the goodness that you are as Soul Essence.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

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Ana Otero

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