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The Days of the Whispered Breath: A Deep Dive into Timelessness

Jewish Mystics and Holy teachers of the Desert taught that between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur we are taken into a Divine Portal. This wasn't just a passage of days, but a mystical divergence from linear time. Within the Desert Rose Mystery School, we fervently cherish the teachings of Christ Messiah Yeshua and Kallah Messiah Mary Magdalene. Being Gnostic Mystical Hebrews, their perspectives during this time were profound, referring to this portal as the "Days of the Whispered Breath", a term intimately woven into the fabric of Desert Rose Mystical Traditions.

But what does this mean? This is not merely a count of days but an ethereal portal. It is where the linear dimensions of past, present, and future swirl into a cyclical dance, dissolving boundaries and transcending finiteness. This isn't just time – it's boundless, cyclical eternity.

The depth and sanctity of this portal are not restricted to a single religious creed. Its significance was acknowledged and revered by many - the luminous teachers, prophets, and prophetesses of the Desert, including Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. The Days of the Whispered Breath, for them and for many, are not just days; they are a consecrated span for shedding egoic layers and purifying the very essence of the soul. Legend speaks of the ABWOON, the Divine union of the Cosmic Mother and Father, who during this phase, delicately inscribe our destinies for the forthcoming year in the hallowed Book of Life.

As the 24th of September I will facilitate a Myrrhaphore Purification Ritual. This ritual is a sacred experience, harmonized with the healing vibrations of the Rucha D´Koodsha (Holy Spirit). It echoes the spiritual experiences of Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, the Essenes, and numerous other mystical desert communities.

These teachings, radiant with ancient wisdom, are not chained to any religious dogma. They flow from the heart of the Desert Rose, containing the profound teachings of Yeshua and the Magdalene.

As we find ourselves poised at this divine threshold of creation, every day within this portal becomes a surrender, a humble offering. This ritual, rich in ancestral wisdom, will take you to journey deeply, to embrace the abyss, and to emerge with a heart more receptive to the boundless, nurturing Light.

This Myrrhaphore purification journey will immerse you in soulful contemplation. Rooted in time-honored wisdom, this ritual illuminates a radiant path for the year to unfold.

CLICK HERE for more info and for registration.


Ana Otero

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