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The Divine Feminine through the Womb of Virgo

After a very intense, magical and healing Ceremony we experienced yesterday for the Virgo New Moon, the messages received in my early morning meditation have given me faith in all that we are experiencing as a humanity. Virgo, the immaculate Queen of Heaven and the Mother Goddess is pregnant with a blessing that is being born from her Divine Body. She, the Divine Mother, has brought to us in this Portal, the Sacred Gift of Love, the birth of the Christ Consciousness in the Human Heart of Humanity.

Can you feel your heart opening?

Can you feel how ready we are for this?

The Loving Mother is nurturing and shielding the hidden divinity in all of us until the gestation period is complete.

Remember that we are in the dark cave, in the quiet and warmth of the WOMB. Any powerful crisis that you are going through now will ultimately turn to light.

To express our Divine Feminine through the WOMB of Virgo is to become inclusive, pure and sovereign, focusing the awakening of our true power and purity to the fulfillment of our Destiny. As we start to bring order out of the chaos we are living as a human collective during these times and within our individual experience, we not only receive but become the Grace of the Divine.

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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