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The Dwelling Place

Silence is not the absence of sound but a state, a holy receptivity. When we are silent, we are able to listen, and only someone who is able to listen can sing.

I equate Silence with Dwelling. In Mystical Spirituality we receive teachings of dwelling within ALAHA. Yet, how would it be to truly dwell within ourselves, to take root into our present experience and in our bodies?

Shut out distractions and the outer noise, your worries, your doubts, draw your breath within. Enter your secret dwelling place, let your inner silence become your elixir, your balm, your soul temple. Moving into this space reminds us that we are infinite, that what we believe to be separate is an illusion. Love emerges and we are nourished. In this space we can return to the world with a sense of completeness, relaxation, openness and unconditional love. This is abundance!


The sound of the word attracts and envelops us.

Dwelling: To pause, to rest, to linger, to abide, to receive, to be opened, to allow, to inhabit, to let be, to let go, to be.

Wise lines by Kabir:

“Sink into the Ocean of Harmony: Let go of life and death’s annoyances. Note how the insatiable thirst of the five senses becomes satisfied there and how the three forms of despair disappear. It is the pastime of the Unknowable: gaze into yourself and note how the Hidden One’s moon-beams are shining

within you. Life and death’s rhythmic pulse beats there. Ecstasy streams forth and the room is filled with light. The Music of Silence resonates there; the loving music of the three worlds can be heard.”



Ana Otero

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