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The Earth is the Altar and We are the Prayer

"The earth is a vessel for the divine. Whatever is planted upon it will yield its fruit in its time. The divine light that illuminates the earth will bring forth all the blessings that are needed." -The Zohar

"Prayer is the key that opens the gates of heaven. Every prayer is like a ladder that rises up and connects the one who prays to the realm of the holy One. As the ladder rises, the prayer ascends and is accepted in the heavenly court" - The Zohar

"The Word of Alaha is like a living spring and like a river that never runs dry." - Gospel of Philip

“The feet of the Son of Man have planted a garden here on earth, and from it come every kind of healing.” The Gospel of Philip

The earth is our altar and we are its prayers. As we look to the horizon, we can see the power of our collective prayers in the beauty of the world around us. Every breath we take, every step we make, every action we take is a prayer of love and gratitude to the Earth. May we all be mindful of the power of our prayers and strive to live in harmony with the Earth.

Portal of oneness

Listening to the voice of our soul

Remembering Creation

Aligning to the very breath of existence

We feel the new earth under our footsteps

And the grace pouring from our heart

Once again we come to know that

The language of creation is Love

It is time for the light bearers to

Ignite the Holy Flame on

Earth and Awaken the Dragon Fire

Let us Dance in the waters of Life

As together we seed the Miracle of the New Dawn

Ana Otero

Sending all of you so much love.


Ana Otero

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