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The Gemini Full Moon of the Desert Rose Bee

As we approach the Full Moon in Gemini on December 7 -8th, I can hear and feel The Prophetess Myriam playing her drum in the desert and bringing down the presence of Shekhinah, the Holy Spirit.

Gemini represents the BEE frequency, and we can connect with the different teachings of the Venus Lineage through the sound current of the Bee.

I find that the most profound ORACLE that we can navigate is that of the Cycles. When we choose to work within a cycle, something is revealed and we can also take the teachings that the cycle is delivering. This is how the Mystery unfolds, it is never taken, it is revealed.

This Full Moon is at 16 degrees Gemini, giving us a number 7, the number that represents Venus, Shekhinah, Mary Magdalene. It is a number of initiation and embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

As Gemini is a mutable sign that teaches flexibility and changeability, we can allow the Light of the Moon to help us see those aspects of ourselves that lay hidden and need a change. Change is scary, yet keeps us in the EGO. Change helps us grow and if we transcend the fear, this transcendence is what brings us to the next chapter of our Journey as evolving Divine Humans.

Gemini teaches us how to use our words wisely and is associated with the Magic of Words. If we think of the written word and the time lime of humanity, it wasn´t until recently that most people could read and write, and for a woman to be literate, she had to take up a life dedicated to a religious order. The written word was only taught to those in power and then when Humanity was given the possibility to read and write, those in power again used the WORD to manipulate.

Words are so powerful that they are at the heart of spell casting and ritual, and used in affirmations, chanting, and mantras. Words are energetic frequencies that can shape and transform our reality, both personal and collective. Words frame our perceptions and create new energetic forms and information that is spread and expanded. Words can heal, uplift, illuminate, and comfort, yet they can also deceive, instigate, manipulate, and distract.

As Gemini teaches us to expand our energy field, we will be bathed with intuition and psychic abilities on this magical Full Moon. Mercury, the planet the governs Gemini, is also Known as Hermes. Hermes was a mediator and a shape-shifting two-spirited shaman. He was known as the God of Travelers, oratory, magic, poetry, alchemy and literature. He was also known as the messenger God that would bring down messages from the Celestial court to Humans and vice versa.

When there is a strong presence of Mercury we want to be open and expanded, not restrictive, because the messages coming through have more force. For example, Mercury is currently in Capricorn, and this has to do with time. How are we using our time? What is our relationship with time? There are 2 forms of time that Capricorn embodies:

Chronos, linear time

Kairos, circular time

Chronos is masculine and helps us manifest and live the day to day human life with all of our responsibilities and our destiny - prosperity.

Chronos is how we measure our days and our lives quantitatively. Like anything quantifiable, we quickly learn how to worry about whether we have enough of it.We can here expressions as:

"Don’t waste time"

"Time is of essence"

"Time is money"

We are taught to be afraid of losing time, running out of it, or being consumed and ravaged by it.

So time can become restrictive and demanding. This blocks the flow of abundance and ideas as we hold on to a fear of not having enough.

Kairos is feminine and has to do with healing and past - present and future fusing into one. When we can enter Kairos, we suddenly feel that there is more time in our day. Kairos is infinite and not ruled by the clock.

Kairos is the qualitative time of life. The Greeks considered it the most appropriate for something new to come in. Kairos was the Greek god of opportunity. He had wings on his feet and moved about quickly, but if one was alert, one could catch him and that person would receive an opportunity. Kairos is about flow and allowing flexibility (Gemini) to take us out of restriction to see everything else that is happening around us. Kairos expands our energy field, our perception and our intuition.

Light a candle and sit in silence, ask Mercury on this Full Moon to reveal to you how to create a strong and balanced relationship with both expressions of time.

I would like to offer a Gemini Sacred Oil Blend. This Blend is called the Sacred Word. This blend activates the Magic and Alchemy in our words and helps us to be mindful, compassionate and respectful when we use our words.

On this Full Moon there is a beautiful prayer ritual that you can practice:

Anoint yourself with the Sacred Word blend and repeat 108 times the Aramaic word BSHEM.

Bshem means vibration, name and word.

Sacred Word Oil Blend

In a 50 ml Bottle:

15 drops basil

6 drops grapefruit

6 drops neroli

6 drops vetiver

4 drop peppermint

Fill the rest of the Bottle with a Carrier Oil.

If you would like to activate the power to receive Celestial Messages and Channelings and send messages out to the Heavens, you can make the following ceremonial tea:

A blend of:

Star Aniseed

Bay Leaf


In the Teachings of the Desert Rose, on a Gemini Full Moon that is Polar Opposite to a Sagittarius Sun we honor Myriam and the Power of Chanting and Drumming to bring down the Presence of Shekhinah. On the 8th of December on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception I will be facilitating a Desert Rose Bee Immaculate Conception online Workshop. If you would like to know more about this workshop CLICK HERE.

Have a beautiful Full Moon. Thank you for your presence in this Community and below you can read the Celestial Dance of Frequencies.

Mercury in Sagittarius. Mercury enters Capricorn at Tue Dec 06 2022 Venus in Sagittarius. Venus enters Capricorn Dec 10 2022 Mars (retrograde) in Gemini. Mars goes Station Direct in Gemini Jan 12 2023 Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter enters Aries Dec 20 2022 Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn enters Pisces Mar 07 2023 Uranus (retrograde) in Taurus. Uranus goes Station Direct in Taurus Jan 22 2023 Neptune in Pisces. Neptune goes Station Retrograde in Pisces Jun 30 2023 Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto enters Aquarius Mar 23 2023 Chiron (retrograde) in Aries. Chiron goes Station Direct in Aries Dec 23 2022

May the Drumming of the Prophetess Myriam be heard on this Full Moon of the Bee, for the messages SHE brings will allow us to RE-MEMBER.


Ana Otero

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