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The Gospel of Thomas: Fast from the World

The Gospel of Thomas:

Yeshua said: If you do not fast from the world, you will not find the Kingdom. If you do not celebrate the Shabbat as a Shabbat, you will not know the Father.

Yeshua´s words in the Gospel of Thomas invite us to consider the nature of fasting not just as a physical act but as a metaphysical journey away from the distractions and attachments of the material world. The phrase "fast from the world" suggests a conscious decision to detach from the external influences that dominate our daily lives and often dictate our values, desires, and fears.

This fasting is a turning inward, seeking solace and insight within the depths of our being rather than in the fleeting pleasures and tumults of the external world. It is an acknowledgment that the Kingdom is not something that can be found or grasped through conventional means. Instead, it requires a withdrawal from worldly affairs to discover a deeper, more substantial truth that lies beyond the senses, beyond this Dimension.

Yeshua calls us to celebrate Shabbat. Shabbat transcends its ritualistic observance and hints at the need for intentional periods of rest, reflection and restoration. Restoration refers to coming back into an alignment of who we truly are. The Shabbat teaches us that when we pause our worldly labors and ambitions, we reconnect with something larger than ourselves—referred to by Yeshua as knowing the Father, knowing Alaha (Divine Mother - Father / Source).

During Shabbat, we fill our body vessels with Shekhinah, the Divine Feminine Presence, and she once again finds her dwelling place within us. To receive the Sacred Breath of Shekhinah is to taste our Soul Essence and as we commune with our Soul Essence, we come to know ALAHA, as our Soul and Alaha are one.

To know Alaha is to come into a personal and intimate understanding of the divine, which can only occur when we have stilled the noise of the world enough to hear the subtle whispers of spirit. It is a deep, experiential knowledge that transforms our being and expression, aligning ourselves with the rhythms of the Cosmic Intelligence and the Divine Will.

Reflecting on these teachings calls us to examine our own lives:

How often do we allow ourselves to truly fast from the distractions and desires that claim our attention and energy?

Are we able to set aside sacred time to connect with the divine presence within and around us?

Yeshua's words challenge us to consider that the path to the Kingdom, to divine wisdom, requires disciplined stillness and a profound reordering of our priorities and perspectives. It is through this that we taste the Infinity that we are and become acquainted with the mystery of Alaha.

Today take some time, at least 5 minutes, and chant Inana Noohra. This means I am the Light in Aramaic. Aramaic is a Light Language that was given to us by the angels. It is not from this world. When we chant in Aramaic, our energy system is restored into unity and the Language of the Cosmos is Energy and Vibration, so we again speak the Language of the Cosmic Intelligence.

In the quietude of the heart and the stillness of a disciplined mind, the soul finds its breath and rhythm, expanding out into infinity. For in simplicity and harmony with all that is, the soul is in sacred union with life...

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Sending all of you so much love.


Ana Otero

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Thank you fort his beautiful reflections Ana ☺️ where can I find the song Inana Noohra? 💖

Respondendo a

Ahava Bart. Thank you for your kind words. Here is the song:

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