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The Ocean of Souls

Ahava and Blessings to all of you,

Each person we meet is a guide, chosen by our soul and sent by Alaha, the Creator, at the precise moment we are ready to ascend to a higher expression of our being.

We are all born of the same essence, from the Imma Illah, the boundless ocean of souls cradled in the womb of the Great Mother. Within this sacred matrix, we are united, sharing the DNA of the Holy Spirit who bestowed upon each of us the breath of life. This profound connection binds us to every living being, a reminder that in the depths of our being, we are one with the All.

As we navigate the waters of our relationships, let us view them through the lens of divine grace. Each interaction, no matter how fleeting or profound, is imbued with the potential for healing and growth. Instead of dwelling on the pain, the challenges, or the misunderstandings, let us seek the grace, goodness, and wisdom that these experiences offer. They are gifts, precious opportunities for us to learn, to forgive, and to expand in love and compassion.

When we gaze into the eyes of another, may we see beyond the surface, beyond the illusions of separation and difference. May we look deeply and recognize that we are peering into the mirror of our own soul. In the eyes of the other, we will find reflections of our own light, our own shadows, and the infinite possibilities of our shared humanity.

This recognition is the key to healing—not only of our relationships but of the world. By acknowledging the divine spark in each other, we honor the unity from which we were birthed and to which we shall return. This awareness invites a higher form of love, one that transcends personal affections and embraces the universal.

May this knowledge transform our interactions, turning every meeting, every word, every shared moment into a sacred encounter.

We are never alone. We are forever embraced by the love of the Great Mother, guided by the light of the Holy Spirit, and supported by the communion of souls. In this divine dance, let love be our guide, forgiveness be our strength, and may the breath of life that connects us all reveal to us the Eternal Truth of our shared essence.

Wishing all of you a beautiful week ahead. The guidance for this week from the Desert Rose Oracle Cards is THE AVALON ROSE. This card is always a reminder that we must heal the heart and that when we go on a pilgrimage, either an inner journey or an outer journey pilgrimage, we will always receive an important message.

We are an eternal mystery and revelation. Always remember that the prophecy is within you.

Below you can watch a video on Aramaic Mysticism.

I also invite you to our Magdalene Easter Mass on March 31. This is an open community gathering. These gatherings are free of charge, the only exchange asked for is respect towards the teachings and the participants. CLICK HERE to register.

I will also be facilitating our special Shabbat this month: Magdalene Easter Shabbat: La Via Dolorosa. CLICK HERE if you would like to be part of this sacred gathering.

You can also take a look at the events for this month by clicking HERE. The Kabbalistic Astrology workshop isn´t listed as there are only 5 spaces left. CLICK HERE for more information.


Ana Otero

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