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The Power of the Malkootah

We tend to think of manifestation as something external, as a desire that we long to bring in the material realm. Before we come to this world the soul knows what she needs to manifest to become the Highest Expression of the Soul Contract. All that we desire to manifest exists in some form of vibration, we literally just need to pull it down to this dimension, but the pulling down is through our body and gets filtered in our Womb Chakra. Our Womb Chakra holds all of the subconscious patterns and programs. When we clear this chakra SOUL MANIFESTATION occurs as we bring into form the LIGHT of who we are. Let us remember that each desire that wants to be birthed through us already exists, we are just remembering the desire. Let us go into our womb, Women and Men, and face the demons that are longing to be embraced and liberated. When the cosmic and our physical serpent energy penetrate the heart chakra anchoring the light on earth through the 4 elements, the Shekinah, the Divine Feminine Presence blesses us with her abundance.

Malkootah calls you to create SACRED EARTH, your own sacred EARTH, which means that you are now ready to birth your light. Go deep into your Womb Chakra and start healing in this Sacred Space. When you have created Space within, you will be able to freely bring down heaven on earth.

Chant the Malkootah and allow the activation of this Aramaic Word help you remember your Purpose.

May we always know that we are the love of the Abwoon, the Divine - Mother Father.

May the Magdalene Flame guide us infinitely.


Ana Otero

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