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The Process of Becoming

Authentic Beings are who they have always been,

and what they engender is authentic:

simply becoming who one is.

Gospel of Philip​

How can we simply live in the infinite process of becoming

who we are?

How can we allow the Soul to express herself freely through our bodies?

How can we break through the limitations imposed upon us and just be our true essence?

How can we be love?

In the Process of Becoming, pieces of who we are that we had never questioned suddenly crumble. Aspects of our being that we never knew existed slowly rise to the surface with grace. Who we believed ourself to be is deconstructed and rebuilt so drastically that we start to outgrow the environments that we once felt our own and identified ourselves with.

Our egoic mind that has buried our true essence as a means of a false protection of the unknown has no victory over the Longing to Awaken. Just as the great Kabir Says:

Friend, wake up! Why do you go on sleeping?

The night is over— do you want to lose the day

the same way?

Sending love to all of you. Thank you for your presence.

Moon is in Leo and will enter into Virgo Today. We are on the 18th Day of the Moon, known as the the Rahmuta Phase in the Aramaic Moon Technology. The Message for this Phase is: INSPIRE OTHER PEOPLE, KEEP YOUR WORD PURE.


Ana Otero

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