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The Triduum of Death: All Hallows Eve, All Hallows, and All Souls.

Listen to the wind, watch the crows fly. See the silhouettes in the clouds, hear the whispers swirling around you. The worlds merge and the other world is not far away, it is enveloped with this world. We leave the mind and the logos at the door and we go down deeply to meet the Dark, with our Initiatory Death.

I feel my feet firmly on the ground and the support of my ancestors.

Samhain teaches us that it is time to descend into darkness. Samhain is a season, a cycle, not a day. Our ancestors walk with us and we will soon reach the initiatory death that will lead us to be born in Christ light at the Winter Solstice.

Samhain celebrates the cycle of death and rebirth. In the northern hemisphere, leaves are dying and nature is preparing for winter. In the southern hemisphere, dormant shoots prepare to be reborn and open in early summer. Samhain and Beltane as polarities are part of an eternal unity, as Life and Death always go hand in hand.

Death and rebirth is constantly seen in nature, and it is also something that is reflected in us.

We are always going through our own process of undoing, releasing, and being reborn as we travel along the journey of life.

This is a time to honor the "deaths" we have all experienced and are experiencing. It is a time to make peace with all the things we have needed to put aside and celebrate the cycle of the new.

The darkness that falls between October 31 and November 2, allows us and other beings to travel between dimensions. We also enter into the Cosmic Vaginal Canal of the Month of November, the 11, this powerful number of expansion and infinite potential.

As we dive deeper and deeper into the waters of Scorpio we transform and honor the cycles of death and rebirth. Cycles are prophetic as when we enter into a cycle with innocence, humility and emptiness, we receive a revelation and we are part of a forever unfolding prophecy. We continually recreate ourselves through the cycles of life.

In early Christianity, this moment was known as Allhallowtide.

Allhallowtide is actually a kind of triduum of death: three days of commemoration that includes All Hallows Eve (October 31, shortened Hallowe’en), All Saints Day (All Hallows Day, November 1), and All Souls Day (November 2). As with other major feasts, celebration of All Saints Day begins on the vigil. The celebration of Allhallowtide was very important in the onset of Christianity and people would fast on these days. As we know, the veil is the thinnest between our world and the world of Spirit.

On All Hallows Eve prepare your candles and go deep into meditation, come face to face with death, the journey that awaits all of us at some point.

On All Saints Day say prayers to the Saints and the Holy Teachers of all traditions.

On All Souls Day pray to your loved ones that have transitioned. Pray that all Souls that have not left the electromagnetic field of the Earth be guided back to the Ethers.

We cannot resist the Dance of Death, the portal to the other side, as we harvest wisdom in the process of facing our mortality. When we bury something with intention, it can feed future crops and nourish them from within.

The Shadow guides us into a Mystical Death that brings all parts of ourself into the light for more healing and wholeness. Our greatest gifts lie in the shadow as we alchemize the darkness into light.

Sending all of you so much love during this powerful portal. We are all entering very deep waters so we may commune with TRUTH. This is a delicate moment and we must take care of ourselves and honor our emotions. The deeper we go, the higher we ascend.

Let us retreat into the Darkness.

To honor Allhallowtide I will be facilitating a Community Gathering on November 1st, 15,30 CET. This Community Gathering is open, free of charge, the only exchange asked for is respect towards the teachings and the participants. Prayer, Meditation, Aramaic Chanting and Sacred sound to take us deep into our inner cave. In Sacred Circle we support each other in such a powerful portal.


Ana Otero

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