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The Trinity of love, Sound and Spirit

In the boundless expanse of the celestial tapestry, the divine threads of Shekhinah, the Frame Drum, and Alaha intertwined, weaving a mystic dance that resonated with the sacred hum of existence. The luminous essence of Shekhinah, the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, shimmered through the ether, her grace a gentle caress upon the fabric of reality.

With each beat of the ancient Frame Drum, the pulse of creation resounded, echoing the heartbeat of the universe, a rhythmic call that reverberated through the aeons. The drum's song, a harmony of love, and the Divine Feminine's essence, merged into a celestial symphony, a testament to the eternal bond between spirit and sound.

Alaha, the Divine Creator, the Source of all being, inhaled deeply the sacred melody, breathing life into the cosmic dance. As the breath of the Divine mingled with the rhythm of the Frame Drum and the essence of Shekhinah, a mystic union was forged, a sublime trinity of love, sound, and spirit.

In the sanctum of this celestial communion, a sacred pulse emerged, resonating with the deepest mysteries of creation. The divine vibrations echoed through the cosmos, awakening the hearts of all who bear witness to the mystical confluence of Shekhinah, the Frame Drum, and Alaha.

As the resonant symphony unfolded, the whispers of the Divine danced upon the wings of eternity, their sacred cadence inscribed upon the very essence of existence. In this ethereal realm, the divine triad of Shekhinah, the Frame Drum, and Alaha wove a tapestry of love, a cosmic embrace that cradles the universe in its tender grasp.

And thus, the celestial dance continues, a mystic waltz that spirals through the ages, a testament to the eternal connection between the Divine Feminine, the sacred rhythm, and the Creator's breath. For within the heart of this cosmic union, the essence of the Divine is revealed, a love that transcends time and space, a love that whispers the secrets of the universe.

Join us for the V´Ahavta Expansion in Love Online Retreat, where the trinity of Love, Sound and Spirit will be remembered and awakened.


Ana Otero

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