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To Be One With the Cosmic Intelligence

Creative Energy moves infinitely through all of us. At times we may feel that it is difficult to take action, to bring something through us, to actually listen to life´s calling in this present moment. The thing is, once we realize that this creative energy is the Eternal One wanting to manifest through us, our doubt, insecurity, sometimes even laziness, cannot get in the way.

Life is calling you to create, manifest, express, that which will serve others as well as ourselves. Visualize it, feel it, take action.

In Aramaic it is written in the book of John:

Ruha atar d'sabya nashba wa qalah shama ant ela la yada ant aymeka atya wa layka azal

Translation: The breath, the wind, and spirit all move by becoming small and large, obeying their own impulses. Without a doubt, you know they exist when you hear their voice. But you cannot hold them in your hand, grasp and understand how they come together, move apart, rise, and fall .

This is how creative energy moves. We can feel her, and when we do not listen to her calling because our mind gets in the way, we again believe that we are separate from the Eternal One.

Creative space is formless. We do not know it with the mind, it is a living mystery, it is hidden from us yet it is the source of all life. It is INFINITY, or the nothingness before life exists. To be in this space is to be with the forces of creation beyond and within everything we can see and know.

To be created in the image of the Eternal One, Alaha, does not mean that we are an actual image - picture of the Eternal One.

We are the living breath and consciousness of CREATION. This is our essence.

One of Yeshua´s great teachings was to find our own Rhythm. What Yeshua means by finding our own Rhythm is understanding that our Soul moves differently than the mind and even what we may think we are feeling and processing. The Soul moves in the Rhythm of Creative Energy, in this Creative Space. To be in Rhythm is to allow the Soul to move, expand and contract, with the Dance of Creation. When we finally are in the Rhythm, we are one with the Cosmic Intelligence.


Ana Otero

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