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Venus Gate 12 - 12

Ahava and Blessings on this beautiful Venus Gate Portal. Today, December 12th, we enter into the Gate of Creativity as we honor as well Venus´ expression in Scorpio. This Gate of Creativity is connected to our Womb Chakra (second Chakra).

In the Kabbalah this Gate or chakra is known as Yesod and is regarded as the foundation. Yesod is deeply connected with the Moon and carries the pure potential of creation as well as the karmic potential of creation. When we purify our hearts, minds, intentions, we can actually start to contain the Grace of love, wisdom and our soul essence in our Yesod - Womb Chakra, thus all that is birthed is pure and free of Karmic ties.

Today on this beautiful Venus Gate I feel this is something we can all reflect upon. Are we creating through our Karmic Ego personality and intentions, or are we allowing Divine Grace to come through us and containing this Grace with the Holy Chalice of our Wombs. This is for men and women, as men also have an energetic womb.

If you are not familiar with the Venus Gates, don´t worry, just remember that Venus is the Connection to the Feminine Heart and in these portals we have an opportunity to reflect on certain aspects of the Divine Feminine Journey within, which is the Journey of our Soul.

Take time to sit in silence, breathe, place your hands on your womb space and bless the generative potential that lives within this space as you release what no longer serves you.

Abwoon D´bshmaya

May we be guided infinitely by the Magdalene Flame.


Ana Otero

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