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Venus Gate Blessings

Today, March 24, 2023, we enter the Fourth Venus Gate (The Gate of Compassion ~ Heart Chakra) of the Ascent Journey at 9° Taurus.

We hold the most Cosmic Power to bring forth the change that Humanity and our Planet needs.

As we channel the sexual energy into our heart center, we open up the Hathor Chakra which is the Chakra of compassion.

To truly understand and embody compassion, the Desert Rose Teachers placed SHALOM as the highest value of all. Shalom is so much more than the absence of conflict, it can also be translated as wholeness, completion. Shalom is seen as a harmonious principle in which opposites can be reconciled.

These great teachers taught that it was not sufficient to just stop projecting separation or cursing others, either directly or energetically.

The question they asked was: "What is the mightiest strength?"


We must go deep within and unify the sense of separation we have with people, humanity, the earth, ourselves, to truly be able to awaken compassion, which in essence is our natural expression.

On this day the Moon and Venus come together in Sacred Union. The light of creation is poured into our incarnational experience, giving us the opportunity to heal separation.

Let us enter the portal and allow the Prophecy of Compassion and Divine Union to be revealed through us.

Sending all of you so much love on this beautiful Venus - Shabbat day.

Thank you for your presence.

Here is another image of the Khatim, the 8 pointed star, which was also a symbol that was used to represent Venus as a Morning Star and in general the energies of Venus regarding fertility and abundance. Bringing our attention and intention to Divine Union will always bring abundance. Meditate on the Star and Chant HAKIMA, calling in Lady Wisdom in Aramaic so that SHE may bridge all separation and bring us into the unity that we inherently are.


Ana Otero

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