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Venus Gate. Earth Star Chakra

Venus Gate Blessings to all of you. This Rose Moon activation is happening within the Earth Star chakra and our connection to this chakra, for we all have it under our feet. When we activate this Earth Star Chakra a powerful arcline, halo, is awakened, just like the one that we can awaken above our head as many Holy Teachers have. This is all about embodying completely the Soul and awakening the Dragon Energy.

A Venus Gate is when the Moon and Venus come together, creating a magical conjunction. The Moon represents our incarnational experience and Venus in the Higher Octave of HER teachings is the Light of Creation, the Light that has no duality. On a Venus Gate, our incarnational experience receives medicinal Light that can dissolve duality, separation, karma.

Venus Gates are know as a KISS FROM THE GODDESS in Vedic Astrology and they are seen as beneficent energy.

This Venus Gate is asking you to bless what you are leaving behind and embrace your new journey completely. You are being asked to fully embody the Soul and commit with service, humility and grace to the life you have incarnated in.

This image was taken in WELLS UK in the month of June 2022 when I had my Inner Retreat in Glastonbury. We all have gone through so much since then as the LIGHT is pushing us to ascend. I can only say that we have ascended in many ways and that we are being held by so many HOLY LIGHT Beings. Now is the time to move into your Mastery, leaving behind any type of victim mentality, fear or sense of insecurity. WE ARE READY TO BE THE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT.


Ana Otero

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