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Venus Gate February 22

Venus Gate February 22 in Aries

A Venus Gate is when the Sun and the Moon come together in Divine Union. In this merging, the Light of Creation held by Venus comes in to our incarnational experience (Represented by the Moon).

Venus Gates are always loving and magical aspects in biblical astrology. These gates were chosen for great souls to come into the Earth as Master Guides and Teachers.

This Venus Gate in Aries awakens the Shin, the Holy Fire, the active presence of Shekhinah, and is activating Hooba, the Holy Flame of Desire.

Our soul has always been rooted into the eternal flame. We come to reveal and learn to see from the light of the soul so as to illuminate with our eternal light.

The same way a candle can share its light with another candle and not lose anything, so too we can share the light of our soul with others and never diminish our own light. The more light there is to share, the more there will be warmth, brightness, pure creation and positivity. Hooba in Aramaic means love, a love that is connected with the sacred desire of life, the sacred desire to be here fully as a human. It is very important to awaken Hooba in our lives as it is the first spark of life, creation and desire. Don´t ever forget your beautiful spark, allow yourself to shine, allow others to shine, be the Magdalene Flame that illuminates others to remember their Holy Fire.

The Aramaic Coding for this day is

Shin Kuf Vav


Shin: Holy Fire

Kuf: Making all things Holy, the consecrated life

Vav: The Divine Child, the channel of light creation poured on the Earth

Meditate on these Aramaic - Hebrew Letters. You can also chant them or do a malas cycle repetition.

Sending all of you so much love and Blessings on this Beautiful Venus Gate, within the Lunar Cycle of Pisces, the Waters of Creation.


Ana Otero

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