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Venus Gate Sept 10, 2021

5th Venus Gate on September 10 at 29 ̊ Libra. Energetically the End of An Era. A moment to awaken objective consciousness. As we embrace our social needs, we are also experiencing the beginning vibrations of the NEW PENTAGRAM IN LIBRA, which starts a new kind of diplomacy. More than ever our choices choices will effect the collective. This is the gate of Communication, the throat Chakra. Pleydian energy is always strong on Venus Gates and through Sound Vibration we can heal the hidden voices past , present , future.

Lemurian energy tells us to work with Moses as guardian of the Serpent Fire Energy, the Kundalini, and with his aid we channel this energy into our throat chakra which is purified. When the throat chakra is purified the Arc Line expands and our soul can totally embody in our Physical incarnation.

This is the MALKOOTAH, the Divine Earth, being awakened in you. Channeling our sexual energy brings a balance in the inner and outer, the me and the you, the spiritual and material. This channeled sexual energy becomes the Holy Fire that guides us into the Co-creation with the Abwoon, the Divine Mother - Father.


Ana Otero

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