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Venus in the Month of February

It´s amazing that Venus entered Aquarius on the first of February, right when we honor the Festivity of Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere and Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere.Venus entered Aquarius at 0 degrees!!! And will stay in this sign until Feb 25. What is even more magical is that we have a Venus Gate on the 10 of February. The Divine Feminine Presence goes into the 8th Gate, the Gate of the Earth Star Chakra, which will allow the Divine Feminine to anchor codes on Earth and will allow the Feminine energy within us to anchor a new way of expression. With the channelings I am receiving, specially through Sarah Tamar, a lot of shadow feminine energy can be released between the 10th of February until the 25th of March.

At this moment Venus, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are in Aquarius.

Aquarius likes to celebrate each person’s uniqueness, and Venus wants to teach us that this uniqueness sometimes can be seen through our vision as differences that keep separating us.

Conditioning represents all the ways we think we are different from each other, creating dysfunction in so many relationships, and our conditioned self relates everything in comparison to others.

In our relating to others we must remember that we cannot change each other, we are here to understand each other. Our expectations can lead us to pure separation if we don´t understand what is driving us to see others as separate from ourselves. All differences when seen in the eye of unity transcend duality.

This placement also means that Venus will not accept judgement and harsh ego driven expectations from others.

Ultimitely Venus will teach us FREEDOM AND RELAXATION through total trust and acceptance of who we are. You are here to shine and express the love you are, don´t let anyone take this away from you. And we are also here to love and allow others to express their light.

Hopefully Venus in Aquarius will take us to so many parts of the world to understand each other even on a political level.

I pray we start to create innovative ways were all of us can feel heard, accepted and respected.

The Divine Mother is speaking to us through Aquarius, and in her eyes we are all equal.

Remember that you are love and infinitely held by the Divine Mother - Father.

Abwoon D´bshmaya

May the Magdalene Flame guide us every day in every way.

Ahava, Ana Otero

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