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Yeshua: In My Eyes you are Perfect



Beloved Community

I come in the name of Alaha and as a Light presence to guide you in the intimate experience of life. The gift of being human is the ability to experience life. As you start to release the layers of falseness that have covered you and you start to unravel and transform your old beliefs, your longing for living a life with meaning expands. Remember that your true Creative expression comes from within, it is a Holy Flame that expands the more you nurture the unity with your Soul.

Take a moment to be in silence and put your hands on your heart. Can you feel my Light Presence? Open and receive me so I may rest in the sanctuary of your heart. There is no need to fear the solitude that you have felt, or the fear of not being loved and whole. In my eyes you are perfect.

You live in a sacred Universe where all things and all beings are created by Father-Mother God, do not despise any part of this creation. You are part of this creation and as Mother – Father loves you with the passionate fire of desire, you too must love yourself with this passion.


Channeled by Ana Otero

The image is from my new Desert Rose Oracle Deck. This image is of Yeshua. Artist: Gabriel Icka.

If you would like to embody some of the great teachings of Yeshua I recommend the Online Workshop Hai D´Alma, an Embodied Experience of Yeshua. Click Here


Ana Otero

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