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Yeshua´s Light Manifested through Mary Magdalene

Equinox Blessings to all of you!

We have entered a powerful portal of balance, of rebirth and renewal.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating the Spring Equinox and it is a perfect moment to call in Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing who dwells in the realm of Mercury. Let us begin our relationship with Raphael by invoking his healing powers, releasing the decay of winter from our bodies and awakening the Fire of Creation. We have moved from being in a State of Vessel to a State of Generating Light. This is also a potent time to recharge our commitment to move away from that which takes us away from our light, that which distracts us and only desires our stagnation. Yeshua called this energy satana.

In the Gospel of Matthew, we can read so many profound teachings of Yeshua.

 And if by The Rukha d’Alaha {The Spirit of God} I am casting out the Satana {the demon}, The Malkutha d'Alaha {The Kingdom of God} has come near to you.

These words express the power and authority with which Yeshua operates and also invites us to reflect on the nature of the obstacles that distance us from divine light, symbolized here by "satana."

Satana represents not merely an external adversary but the internal struggles and barriers that distract us from our spiritual path—fear, judgment, scarcity, inertia, and other forms of resistance that cloud our vision and impede our progress. Yeshua's declaration reveals a deep spiritual truth: liberation from these bindings is achieved through the Holy Spirit, the Rucha d'Kudsha. This divine energy, the Divine Feminine Presence, is a purifying force that facilitates our reconnection with the sacred, allowing us to move closer to the light.

As we navigate the transition into the Age of the Holy Spirit, also known as the Age of Aquarius, the presence of the Kingdom of God, or Malkhuta d'Alaha, feels more palpable and accessible than ever before. This era is marked by an increased openness to the spiritual dimensions of existence and a collective yearning for healing, unity, and transformation.

Yeshua's gift of healing—his ability to cast out demons through the Holy Spirit—serves as a powerful reminder to overcome the internal challenges that plague us. To invite this liberating presence into our lives, a process of purification is essential. We are called to empty ourselves of the clutter of egoistic desires and distractions, to create space for the Shekhinah, the indwelling presence of the divine. This journey requires us to become vessels of light, ready and willing to receive the grace that flows from the divine source.

To know where our vessel is shattered is essential. We must look inward, and identify the areas of our lives that are fractured, where darkness seems to prevail. It is precisely in these broken places that the divine light seeks to enter, offering healing, restoration, and wholeness. By addressing these wounds with compassion and openness, by calling upon the Shekhinah and striving to embody the qualities of the vessel, we participate in the redemptive work of the Holy Spirit.

Mary Magdalene embodies the profound capacity of the feminine to receive, nurture, and manifest the sacred light. In the spiritual partnership between Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, we observe a beautiful interplay of divine energies: Yeshua, embodying the Christ Seed of Light, and Mary Magdalene, the Feminine Vessel, poised in readiness to receive and magnify this luminosity, grounding it into the physical dimension of our world.

This symbiotic relationship raises the question of the importance of engaging with the feminine energy within our spiritual journeys. The feminine energy, in its essence, is deeply connected to the act of creation, to the rhythm of nature, and to the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. When this energy aligns itself with receiving light directly from Alaha, the Creator, rather than seeking illumination from external sources, it undergoes a transformation. This light is not merely received; it is amplified, regenerated, and becomes a potent force for the emergence of the Divine Presence on Earth.

Communing with the feminine energy is crucial because it opens the path to a more holistic understanding of divinity. It teaches us about the power of receptivity, intuition, and the strength that lies in vulnerability. It reminds us of the importance of inner work, of turning our gaze inward to find the divine light within, which, when nurtured, can illuminate the darkest corners of our existence.

Mary Magdalene teaches us how to be a true Vessel. This Vessel is not passive but dynamic and active in its engagement with the divine. It is characterized by strength, wisdom, abundance, purity, expansiveness, and an intimate understanding of infinity. To embody these qualities is to embrace the full spectrum of the Divine Feminine Presence, allowing the Shekhinah indwelling presence of Alaha, to be an active co-creative expression of our lives.

Reflecting on these teachings invites us to consider our own capacity to be vessels of the divine light. It challenges us to ask: How can we, regardless of our gender, cultivate the qualities of the Divine Feminine within ourselves? How can we shift our focus from external validations to the profound, inexhaustible source of light that resides within? How can we contribute to the manifestation of the Divine Presence on Earth through our thoughts, actions, and very being?

The journey towards embodying these principles is both personal and collective. As we explore and integrate the essence of the Divine Feminine, as represented by Mary Magdalene, we not only transform ourselves but also the world around us. We become participants in a sacred dance of creation, co-creators with the divine, weaving the fabric of a reality that reflects the beauty, love, and luminosity of the Divine Presence.

This is our calling, our mission, and our privilege.

 As we heal and purify ourselves, as we learn to be vessels of divine light, we contribute to the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth. This is the promise embedded in Yeshua's teachings—a promise of renewal, liberation, and the nearness of the divine kingdom.





May we know when and how to receive the Divine Light, may our vessels partake in the consecrated act of manifesting the Light.



Ana Otero

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Bless you Beloved Ana 🙏🕊️🙏

Thank you so very much for Blessing us all with your powerful heartfelt message & Equinox Blessings🙏💐🪬💐🙏 A Blessed Happy & Peaceful Equinox Time to You & your Beautiful commUNITY..🕊️🌹🕊️ May it be full of fresh beginnings & wonderful new opportunities to LIVE LOVE to Fully AWAKEN🕊️🌹🪬🌹🕊️ Love♥️Blessings 💖Compassion Light🕊️AHAVA🪬🌹🕊️🌹🪬

Replying to

Bless you always Ellen for your beautiful words and your presence. Sending you and your family lots of love. AHAVA

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