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Yohanan The Baptizer



I am Yohanan. I ask that you open your heart to receive this message. The time has come for all of humanity to make a choice. In my time on earth as Yohanan the Baptizer, son of Elizabeth, Holy Woman of the Light, I was given a task, a Destiny, that I knew I had to complete. My journey was not an easy one, there were moments that I had to take in the projections and judgements of those who called themselves holy.

I went to live in the caves of the Desert, just as my brothers and sisters the Essenes, and I went into states of purification so as to be able to bring forth what Divine Mother – Father gave me as my Holy Task. My mornings were filled with meditations, and I frequently talked to the angels. They poured their celestial waters on me every day so I may be strong in the waters of purification.

I know you have met me before and as you listen to my words you may feel like I am challenging you. My challenge to you is to awaken, to go into your baptismal waters and purify the lower desires.

The path of the Qimah, the righteous one, is not an easy one. Now in your time on Earth you want things to be simple and fast, you want to obtain enlightenment through the animal forces. There is only one path to Alaha, and that is the path of Love through prayer and sacrifice.

I can show you the way, but you must be humble. I can pour the Holy Waters on you, but you must be pure in heart. I can bring Holy Shekhinah to dwell within you, but you must be open and worthy of her.

Praise to Glorious ALaha.

Praise to Yeshua Christ.

Praise to Myriam, the Holy Shekhinah.


Yohanan the Baptizer

Channeled by Ana Otero

Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the Desert Rose

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