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Yohanan the Baptizer and Ecstatic Prayer

Yohanan the Baptizer was a messenger of Heaven (Shamaim), and in his ministry he worked with water and with fire, representing the powerful force of the Shamanic Lunar Masculine. During the day, between his times of prayer, the Holy Spirit, the Shekhinah, would come upon him and he would heal with his words, prophecies, exorcising those who were tormented. Those who sought to return to ALAHA (Divine Mother Father) would be baptized and anointed by Yohanan the Baptizer.

When the sun had set, evening prayers were offered in Ceremony, and he would sit around a sacred fire with his disciples, giving them the secret teachings of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. Many nights he would invoke the Presence of the Rucha D´Koodsha (Holy Spirit), going into strong spiritual practice.

It is known that Yohanan taught a way of fasting and prayer to enter into the kingdom, yet his worship was ecstatic, filled with song, dance and drumming, rejoicing in the name of the Divine Feminine Presence, the Shekhinah.

Through Ecstatic Prayer the Body becomes the altar and the Mystical Marriage is consumated.


Ana Otero

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