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Yohanan The Baptizer Channeling

Below I share with you a channeling I received from John the Baptist who I dearly love. His teachings and presence are very important for us to awaken and channel our Sexual Energy.

The image belongs to my new Oracle Deck that I am creating with the artist Gabriel Icka. I share information about this artist after the channeling.

When a human being enters an incarnation, you are a cup full of the purest and most beautiful silence, compassion and cosmic wisdom. This then is replaced by noise and life experiences. At one point in your life, you come to realize that the lessons have become lies, programs, false expectations and the noise is no longer tolerated. This is the moment for the cup to become emptied.

At a young age I had this experience and I went to live in the desert. I fasted, I prayed, I chanted Alaha´s name and I moved my body in infinite spirals so as to connect myself with the Spirals of Creation. Here I was born again in Spirit. I entered a powerful purification so I may return to my heavenly state.

Faith, fasting and and Prayer are the basis for letting the Miracle be revealed in our lives. When you manifest absolute faith, just as I did, you will enter the Kingdom of Infinite Light.

When I entered this state I knew it was time for me to walk in the Path of service that Alaha requested that I do. I taught the ways of purification through the waters of the Heavenly Mother. I guided my brothers and sisters to receive the Holy Spirit and to awaken the Breath of the Heart Womb. I activated the descent of the Holy breath to open the 7 hearts of Light, Freedom, Truth, Unconditional Love, Peace, Life Force, and Earth Light Creation.

I urge you to awaken, to purify and to open your heart to Alaha. Why do you waste the seeds of creation you have been given to perpetuate the falseness that you believe to be true. You are challenged, with every breath you take, to think, act and rest in agreement with the Cosmic Law of Love.

I am here to anoint your waters and to awaken your Heart Womb. Open and receive me as I banish your fears so you may become lover to Alaha once more.

May The Heavenly Source bless you and guide you. May The Gracious Light shine and vibrate through you and bring you into remembrance of Oneness.

Yohanan the Baptizer

Channeled by Ana Otero


Gabriel Icka also serves as and artist for those who need his services in Marketing, Altar Prayer Cards, Business, Web Sites. If you would like to contact him, you may do so through email:

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