The Nun Codes Oracle Cards

  • The Nun Codes are the Divine Feminine Wisdom Codes that are found in the Teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and taught in their time together as Teachers leading the Christ Mystery School. Nun is an Aramaic letter which means fish, the fish being the symbol of the Key to enter into the Mystery Teachings, just as the Ankh was used in Egyptian Mysticism. This Oracle deck contains 33 cards, each card representing a Nun Code that will bring you a teaching on how to activate the Divine Feminine Wisdom. The Oracle Deck comes with a Manual that explains each card and also gives you mantras, mudras, prayers, etc., that you can use with each card. This Oracle deck can be used as an Oracle or as an Activation of these Codes. Each card, when meditated on, will awaken these activations along with the energy work that the code brings.These codes were channeled through Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and include innovative artwork created and designed by Ana Otero.