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Ahava and Blessings 

Below you will find a calendar of events.  You just need to click on the event and all of the information will show up for you. Mary Magdalene Priestess Trainings and other Trainings do not show up in this calendar, as the calendars for specific trainings are found in the Student Platforms.  If you have any questions please contact us at: info@anaotero.net. The next Mary Magdalene Priestess Training begins in March 2021. Please visit our online school where you will find many workshops and courses that you can sign up for, ranging from Mary Magdalene, astrology, sacred dance, womb yoga, etc.




Magdalene Lunar Rose 


Our live gatherings will be on the 11th and 26th of February.

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Insight Timer Live Gatherings 

For now, the first live gathering in Insight Timer is on the 7th of February. 

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Frame Drum Online Workshop. Myriam´s Well. Healing through Vibration

13th of February

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Magdalene Womb Yoga Teacher Training

20th and 21st of February

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