Elena Díaz 

Priestess of Mary Magdalene, Artist. Spain

The formation of a Priestess with Ana Otero has been profoundly transformative. At the time I decided to train as Priestess of Mary Magdalene I was afraid of many things: fear of not having enough to complete the formation, fear that many things would collapse, fear that my own strength and authority would be awakened. Once it has finished I can thank with all my heart the moment in which I chose this path. Endless gifts have been displayed from within me and continue to unfold every day. I have connected with what I have longed for the most ever: my creativity, which I always believed was something sterile in me, and I have discovered a well in me of infinite power and fertility. I have also connected, and consequently, with other magical languages, and these languages ​​have whispered beautiful words that have opened other doors that I did not conceive when I decided to say yes. Thank you, Ana Otero, for reconnecting us to our roots through our tradition, so deeply rooted and at the same time so hidden in our bones.


Cristina Guerrero

Therapist, Priestess of Mary Magdalene. Spain

WOMB YOGA: essential training to learn to connect with, honor, nurture and love the physical body, as well as with the cyclicality of feminine energy and the awareness of what it means. Very diverse modules, with beautiful music that reaches the soul, meditations that connect you with your "deepest self" and incorporation of the phases of the moon in day to day. Powerful yoga that raises your vibration and helps you embodied. Maximum professionalism and beauty in all dimensions.


Ramon Charriel

Fashion Designer, Kundalini Dance Teacher, Yoga Teacher. Tenerife, Spain


I did the Kundalini Dance Training with Ana Otero and since then my life has changed. Shakti woke up in me and I was able to get rid of many shadows in my life. I was able to HEAL. Ana Otero is a great Master who teaches by example and day by day, she is a great wise and definitely an Aquarian Master. Thank you. Sat Nam.

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