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The Desert Rose Bee

Manifesting, Creating, Healing, and Awakening through Sound and Light Vibration

Ahava and Blessings!

Welcome to the Desert Rose Bee

Vocal and Drumming Odyssey

Manifesting, Creating, Healing, and Awakening through Sound and Light Vibration

Imagine the frequency of the Bee. Imagine her taking you all the way to the Desert to embody the Rhythms of the Venus Lineage. The Frame Drum is connected to the Moon and Venus and was used as a Spiritual Practice by the Essenes, the Sufis, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and in all of the Desert Rose Traditions.

The bee is and has been for centuries a symbol of the Great Goddess. There were great Priestesses of the BEE that were called Melissai.

Bees are an example of Human Evolution in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Holy Spirit. As we slowly return to a Womb – Based Society, we are being asked to respect life in all forms and to understand the true meaning of Creation and Manifestation that comes the Light of Sound Vibration.

The Desert Rose Bee is about tuning into the Vibration of the BEE to activate and embody this frequency, ultimately to contain the wisdom of the BEE.

The Desert Rose Teachers who followed the Path of Venus had particular Rhythms to embody different frequencies of Light and used Sound Vibration for healing and for manifestation

The Desert Rose Bee dives into the teachings of the Maryam, the Priestesses of the Light, and calls in the Seed of Light of Venus through the Desert Rose Rhythms, Sound Vibration and Light Language.

The Desert Rose Bee is a Drumming and Vocal Odyssey which includes at the end of our sessions a Spiritual embodiment Sufi Practice.


These are monthly Workshop Sessions where you will:

- Receive Frame Drum Instruction through the Tof Miriam Tradition and the Desert Rose Rhythms.

- Learn specific Desert Rose Rhythms that embody Light Frequencies.

- Combine Drumming with Vocal Expressions.

- Chant in Light Language and Aramaic.

- Each Session finishes with a Sufi Embodiment Practice to contain the Light, generate more Light, and expand the Light. We also finish with a specific Reflection from the Desert Rose Teachings.

In the Month of February 2023 our Desert Rose Bee practice will be focused on the Malkootah Chamber of Light, the first Chakra. We will intentionally channel our Drumming and Sound into our individual Malkootah (Earth - Kingdom) and the Collective Malkkotah, receiving our inspiration from the Sephardic Tradition and Experience.

The Practice of Frame Drumming is prayer, devotion, medicinal, and it will bring you in tune with the Rhythm of Light Creation and the Cosmic Intelligence. Frame Drumming also grounds us and helps us connect to the Earth, bringing emotional stability as the brain hemispheres are balanced. There is joy when we Frame Drum, as we are awakening the beat of our hearts and the heart of Gaia. This prayer expands into the other Dimensions and we create a Rhythmic Relationship with the Cosmic Intelligence.

Awakening our Voice through chanting and Light Language will allow you to express the Voice of the Soul and free yourself from limiting beliefs and the control the ego may have over our own sound and the ability we have to create with our word. With this practice you will feel confident with your expression and also held, as the voice is our connection to the Galactic womb of creation.

This Desert Rose Bee Workshop will take place on the 12th of February at 15,00 CET. The replay will be available for those who are not able to be there in real time. All levels are welcome.

The Desert is a place of deep encounter. The Desert is within you. Here we are stripped down to the essentials and we are forced to let go of all the securities we attach to in life, so they may be transformed. Through the fierceness of this experience, we find a doorway to a much more expansive experience of Alaha (Divine Mother - Father).

What bliss to be in a place of deep intimacy with the Divine Presence!

Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the Desert Rose



Ana Otero

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