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In Magdalene Womb Yoga are guided by the teachings of Mary Magdalene to understand our role as Incarnations of the Creative Channel. We are being called to align ourselves with the womb of the Divine Mother, and that womb is within us. To understand a new stage of the Earth, is to understand that the path to evolution will only be given in the COMMUNION with the Divine Feminine Channel.

Welcome to the Yoga of the New frequency

Women are the Light bearers of life and death. To understand that all light, all creation, everything that exists comes from darkness, from our sacred womb, is to understand the DIVInity that we are.
Ana Otero


  • Meditations and Womb Kriyas curated by Ana Otero as Channeling through Mary Magdalene and from Ana´s Body Wisdom

  • Womb Breathing.

  • Dance - Movement.

  • Alaha Shela Body Practices

  • Sound Technology.

  • Womb Transmissions and Healings.

  • Essene Meditations

  • Sacred Sufi Worling

  • Integration of different lineages of Yoga.

  • Healing with Mudras and Light Language 

  • Mantric Choreographies and Celestial Communications

  • Egyptian Energy Medicine 

  • Frame Drumming and Chanting

  • Aramaic Activations through Body Work

  • Cosmic Alignment


The Divine Feminine Presence  encompasses everything, She is EVERYTHING, making us aware of the infinite possibilities that connect us with the Divine Mother Father. By purifying and activating our womb´s power, this sacred space becomes the HOLY OF HOLIES. Living in the Embodiment of SHEKHINAH is a philosophy of life, it is life itself in every moment. It is honoring the sacred connection, present in every moment, that we have with life. It means understanding that life is a whole and beginning to recognize the interconnections that make up the web of life. It means understanding that every thing, every act, even every thought, affects the whole. And it also means that we allow life to speak to us.

In our Online School you will find many practices and Trainings.


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