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Womb Yoga is a Sacred Devotional Practice for Women that awakens the Feminine Light Body, bringing us home to the Authentic Feminine.By honouring our womb through specific sequences and Yoga Postures that activate and heal all processes of the Femme Encarnation, we learn to cultivate the true meaning of the Embodiment of the Divine Feminine

The Womb Yoga I teach is a combination of Kriyas channeled through Mary Magdalene and my experience with working with women and the Technology of Yoga.


Women are the Light bearers of life and death. To understand that all light, all creation, everything that exists comes from darkness, from our sacred womb, is to understand the DIVInity that we are.
Ana Otero
Womb Yoga Integrates:
  • Specialized Kriyas for Women , created by Ana Otero and Channeled through Mary Magdalene.

  • Integration of different lineages of Yoga.

  • Asanas that cultivate, heal and activate the Femme Encarnation.

  • Womb Breathing.

  • Dance - Movement.

  • Light Language through Mudras and Sacred Geometry Practices.  

  • Energy Medicine.

  • Meditation: Active and Receptive.

  • Sound Technology.

  • Womb Transmissions and Healings.

  • Mantric Choreography and Celestial Communications.

  • Red Tent.

  • Diet and Nutrition for women.

Conversations with mary magdalene
mystery teachings of mary magdalene and the christ mystery school
Womb Yoga Online Teacher Training

The WOMB is our power center and our connection to source. In Womb Yoga we honor the natural cycles of our womb and this leads us to dance with the cosmic rhythms of the universe. In the Womb Yoga Sessions we feel and nurture the Shakti / Goddess who has been asleep in us for so long. Womb Yoga activates the Kundalini energy from the subtlety of the feminine and opens the portals of the Goddess in our body. This practice is beneficial in healing disease and disorders and at the same time releases energies, emotions and ancestral patterns from our wombs. Today, in times of so much change, the existing salvation is to re-connect with the Mother´s womb, and that womb is within us. To understand a new stage of Planet Earth  is to understand that the way to evolution will only take place in the rebirthing of our Healed and Awakened Wombs.

The feminine is the energy that encompasses everything, that is EVERYTHING and that manifests itself in life itself, and all this energy is found in our womb, the space full of infinite possibilities that connects us with God / Goddess. By purifying and activating our womb´s power, this sacred space becomes the HOLY OF HOLIES. Living in Shakti is a philosophy of life, it is life itself in every moment. It is honoring the sacred connection, present in every moment, that we have with life. It means understanding that life is a whole and beginning to recognize the interconnections that make up the web of life. It means understanding that every thing, every act, even every thought, affects the whole. And it also means that we allow life to speak to us.

May the magdalene flame guide you every day in every way.
Ahava, Ana Otero.

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