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Embodying the profound wisdom of the Sacred Teachers of the Desert, the Christ Lineage, and the Lineage of Light, the Desert Rose Oracle Cards are not mere cards but a living conduit of their divine knowledge. These precious cards found their muse in my fourth literary endeavor, "Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the Desert Rose".


The teachings encapsulated in the Desert Rose Oracle are as boundless as the universe itself, timeless and never ceasing. Nevertheless, it was incumbent upon me to distill them into 44 distinct teachings. The chosen ones, I firmly believe, hold potent lessons, profound transmissions, and timeless wisdom from the age-old Mystery Schools. These are teachings designed to guide us into a deep communion with Alaha, the Divine Mother Father, inspiring us to actively embark on our journey towards evolution, ascension, and harmony with the radiant Light of Creation.


Unlike mass-produced articles, each Desert Rose Oracle Card is handcrafted by a local artisan in the mystical and artistic heartland of Spain. Their creation abides by the philosophy of ethical and sustainable manufacturing, ensuring every step taken is in harmony with nature's way. These cards are then enshrined in the Temple Space, where they are imbued with the powerful vibrations of Mantras sung in Aramaic, Hebrew, light Language, and other sacred mantric tongues. Every dawn graces them with a blessing of the Desert Rose Incense, enhancing their divine resonance.


Complementing these cards is a meticulously crafted Manual, bound by a local artisan, each page lovingly assembled by human hands, not machines. Within its 200 pages, one will discover the Mystery Teachings of the Desert Rose. This Manual houses an Aramaic Mantra corresponding to each card, diverse spreads for readings, the formula to create a Desert Rose Myrraphore Essential Oil Blend, and a guide to practice a Desert Rose Alaha Shela Sacred Embodiment Practice.


Embracing the Desert Rose Oracle Cards is akin to embarking on a spiritual sojourn to the heart of Yeshua Messiah and Magdalene Messiah. They are a powerful beacon, illuminating the path to the remembrance of the wisdom, teachings, healing, and love bequeathed to us by the luminous lineage of Light.


To deepen your understanding and connection with the Desert Rose Oracle Cards, you may consider enrolling in The Desert Rose Oracle Reader Facilitator Training. Click Here.


Credit for the breathtaking artwork gracing these cards goes to GABRIEL ICKA MARTINEZ, an artist who occupies a special place in my heart.



Ana Otero

The Desert Rose Mystery School

The Desert Rose Oracle Cards

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  • The Desert Rose Oracle Cards

    44 Cards which contain transmissions, teachings and profound message.

    A Manual that dives deep into the teachings of each card.

    Please read the description below the image of the Oracle Card.


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