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Living Our Mission. Shabbat Message

Ahava and Blessings,

I am wishing all of you a magical Shabbat.

As I absorb the energies of the day and prepare my bread, candles, water, and everything that Shabbat involves, I have been reflecting upon the significance of this particular Shabbat, as it happens right before we enter the month of Tammuz.

In my journey within Aramaic Creation Spirituality, Hebrew Mysticism and Kabbalah, a journey of many years and life times, the month of Tammuz, the cycle that we will be entering on the 5th of July, has always been a mystery for me. The 17th of Tammuz is a fast day commemorating the breach of the walls of Jerusalem before the destruction of the Second Temple. This event initiates a three-week period of mourning, leading up to Tisha B'Av, a day of sorrow.

When we work with the Aramaic - Hebrew Calendar we must understand that the historical experience does not mark the energy, the portal marks the infinite possibilities of what can happen. Tammuz is a month of very harsh energies because the light is so strong that if our vessels are not prepared, the light will create chaos. Imagine staring directly at the sunlight without sunglasses, imagine lying on the beach for hours without sunscreen.

As we approach Tammuz I always find solace through the Black Madonna.

She is as dark as the inner recesses of the Earth and the wombs of mothers. She embodies the wisdom required to carry, birth, and nurture new life. She is a creator mother, crafting manna and new worlds, much like the black holes in the depths of space.

These timeless black mothers across the world form a matrix of wisdom keepers, working together as guardians of all life, space, and time.

The month of Tammuz has so many teachings within it, which I will be sharing and of course, I will also be sharing a Desert Rose Reading for this month on my youtube channel. For this Shabbat, we will focus on 2 teachings to bring into our awareness for the following week. The Shabbat before a new cycle requires a lot more reflection time, practice, a sense of emptying oneself to be in the void.

Let us reflect on our incarnation, as all souls come in through the constellation of Cancer. What is the unique Blue print each of us hold and are here to express? We must express this Blue print in our incarnational experience by being infinitely connected to the light.

We all come from Imma Illah, the infinite dark mother, this is her name in Sophianic Kabbalah. We are all in essence black, just as the dark mother, as our potential to be light is infinite.

"Every challenge we face is an opportunity for growth and transformation, leading us closer to our true purpose." Teaching from The Zohar

The descent of the soul into the physical world is not merely a fall but a purposeful journey. It symbolizes the soul’s commitment to engage with and learn from the material world, embracing challenges as opportunities for profound spiritual growth and transformation​​​​.

The month of Tammuz, which involves periods of mourning and introspection, ultimately leads to renewal and rebuilding. Through these experiences, the soul can achieve greater wisdom and align more closely with her divine purpose.

Through incarnation, the soul embodies divine wisdom. She learns to manifest spiritual principles in the physical world, turning abstract concepts into lived realities. This embodiment of wisdom is crucial for the soul’s evolution and her ability to fulfill her purpose.

We tend to believe that to be living our Mission or Purpose only can bring about happiness and joy, which it does, yet the manifestation of our purpose involves cleansing, purification, awareness, healing and divine sight. To be able to walk the journey of the Soul Essence, we must be stripped completely, and return to the nakedness of our purity, light and truth.

As we reflect on our incarnational experience, give thanks for being here and recognize through committment that our incarnation serves a purpose, we can also connect with another teaching of Tamuzz: The Eyes.

Tammuz represents our vision and in kabbalistic practices the movement of the eyes represents the Yod He Vav He, this powerful name of ALAHA. 

In meditation and stillness, or as you are reading these words, without moving the head,, shift your eyes to the right, and here we connect with the manifested world. Shift your eyes to the left, and connect with the concealed world waiting to be revealed. Shift the eyes to look up, this is the VAV, the infinite potential of light waiting to be manifested, and then look down, and connect with the Yud, the seed of light, and know that your own manifestation holds the light of christ.

The month of Tammuz was given its name during the Babylonian exile and is actually named after the Deity Tammuz that was connected to fertility and the cycles of life and death. Tammuz taught the sacredness of nature, the power of ritual and the importance of community, all themes connected to the month of Tammuz.

On this sacred day, remember to Light your Candles and engage in the wedding Feast of bread and wine, this beautiful ritual which Yeshua performed every day. Also remember to call in the Magdalene and the embodiment of the Shekhinah.

I am wishing you a blessed Shabbat. My solar month is Cancer - Tammuz and I was also born in the Hebrew month of Tammuz. Through my own experience of this month, there is so much to heal within this cycle and I am looking forward to the work we will be engaging in within the courses and trainings at The Desert Rose Mystery School and also in our Community Events.

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Shabbat Shalom!


Ana Otero

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