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Shabbat Message: Honoring the month of Tammuz - Cancer

Shabbat Message: Embracing the New Month of Tammuz - Cancer

Venus - Shabbat Blessings to All in This Beautiful Community

Shabbat is an ancient word that can mean Moon, Womb, or the number 15. Within the Magdalene Shabbat teachings, spiraling with the cycles of the Moon is equivalent to spiraling with our human life journey. As we navigate our lives, we experience cycles of enlightenment, inspiration, spiritual awareness, and then descend into confusion, alienation, frustration, and sadness. We experience faith and hope, alongside moments of disappointment and feeling stuck.

The Moon represents our incarnational experience, and as we learn to cycle with HER, we expand and contract, die and resurrect, feel in divine union, and then separation. This human experience, when honored through the wisdom of our soul phases, allows us to grow, evolve, and expand in the infinite light that we truly are.

As today marks the new moon in Cancer, with the month of Tammuz, we are reminded of the power of this period. Tammuz is a month that challenges us to balance the intense influx of divine light. It is similar to a cup overflowing with water, symbolizing the need to strengthen our vessels to channel this abundant energy without causing chaos.

The Significance of Tammuz

Tammuz is a powerful month because it allows no filter for the Light of Alaha (God) that we receive. This unfiltered light can lead to overwhelming emotions and situations if not properly managed. By strengthening our vessels through the Kabbalistic letters Chet (ח) and Tav (ת), which govern Cancer and the Moon, we can channel this light effectively.

Some of the themes in Tammuz are the following:

  • Emotional Purification: Tammuz invites introspection and the release of deep-seated emotions, reflecting the cleansing properties of water.

  • Vision and Clarity: Known as the month of vision, Tammuz encourages us to see beyond the surface and understand deeper truths.

  • Resilience and Reflection: Despite its associations with mourning (the 17th day of Tammuz), Tammuz embodies resilience, urging us to reflect on personal and historical losses and to strengthen our spiritual and emotional fortitude.

  • Intuition and Feminine Wisdom: The water element is deeply connected to intuition and feminine wisdom, encouraging us to tap into these inner resources.

"What is within you will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

Gospel of Mary Magdalene

The month of Tammuz calls us to look inward and recognize the powerful energies residing within us. Just as Mary Magdalene emphasizes the necessity of bringing forth what is within, Tammuz encourages us to channel the intense, unfiltered light of Alaha in constructive ways.

Tammuz is a month without a filter for the divine light that floods our lives. This can be overwhelming, much like a cup overflowing with water. If not channeled properly, this abundance of energy can lead to emotional turmoil and confusion. Mary Magdalene's words remind us that by acknowledging and expressing our inner truths, we can use this energy for healing and growth, rather than allowing it to cause destruction.

As we journey through Tammuz, let us remember Mary Magdalene's wisdom: to bring forth what is within us. By doing so, we transform the powerful energies of this month into opportunities for healing, clarity, and spiritual awakening. Let us embrace the light and the shadows, knowing that both are essential for our growth and that the journey of the soul is a continuous spiral of transformation.

Magdalene Shabbat Teachings

In Magdalene Shabbat teachings, there is always a shadow side to everything. The awareness of integrating all parts of ourselves teaches us that the shadow mirrors what we feel we are lacking. This reflection helps us move through the sense of separation.

Mary Magdalene, as Queen of Shabbat in the Age of the Holy Spirit, teaches us that we are inherently Unity; we are Divine Union. On this Shabbat - Venus Day, we ask Mary Magdalene to guide us in understanding what feels out of balance within us. We give thanks for the experience of duality within our human journey, which helps us remember Unity. Today, we celebrate our essence of Oneness and recognize that we are the Light of Creation.

By bringing the Shekhinah into our lives, the Divine Feminine presence is restored from exile into the dwelling place of our human bodies and experiences.

Let us remember what our soul came here to express. As we embrace this new phase, may we find balance, healing, and transformation.

In my book Mary Magdalene and the Path of Alaha Shela, there is an Aramaic Moon Phase Cycle. I highly recommend working with these teachings in the Month of Tammuz.

The Ahava Sacred Dance and Drumming Session for the month of July is open for registration. This session focuses on the Month of Tammuz. To register and to read more about this online workshop session, CLICK HERE.

In just 8 days we start the 9 day Devotional Gathering to Black Madonna Montserrat. I haven´t been this excited about a Novena in a very long time. This Devotional journey is filled with so many Mystery teachings that at times I truly feel that the Magdalene is walking amongst us, SHE is here. To register CLICK HERE.

For the month of Tammuz, a powerful month of Healing and Womb work, I recommend the following self paced trainings:

Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing Practitioner Training. CLICK HERE.

The Desert Rose Womb Awakening and Healing Practitioner Certification. CLICK HERE

Our monthly online Magdalene Shabbat will be on July 26th, honoring and celebrating the Feast Day of Mother Anna. CLICK HERE to join.

Join us in Sacred Circle for the Mary Magdalene Feast Day Celebration! On this Feast day we will chant and speak in Sacred Circle particular prayers that were part of a special Ceremony to Mary Magdalene. Some of these prayers were kept hidden by the Cathars who managed to escape death from the Albigensian Crusade in 1244, crossing the Pyrenees to arrive in Spain and be greeted by the Monks of Montserrat.

In this Gathering we will experience:

Devotional Prayers

Aramaic and Hebrew Chanting

Ancestral Ceremony that unites the Cathars of France with the Kabbalists of Spain.

Celestial Movement Meditation

Concert by lovely musicians and Sound Healers

All Community Gatherings at The Desert Rose Mystery School are free of charge, the only exchange we ask for is respect towards the Participants and the Teachings. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

In September the Desert Rose Frame Drum Academy is opening the Temple Doors. Those who would like to be on the waiting, please email me.

Shabbat - Venus Blessings to all of you.


Ana Otero

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