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Channeling Mary Magdalene. Becoming

You are always in the process of becoming. ​This is the infinite expression of you as creation. I come to bring you a message of hope and truth.

​The ​first rays of a new dawn are emerging from the ancient shadows of the GREAT MOTHER OF WISDOM. This Light will remind Humanity of its true song, the song that reminds you that you all originate from the same source. The initiation is now through the codes of light. In the next few days the scent of roses will permeate the air, the ley lines will be cleared and sacred sites reactivated. The Blessed Divine Mother joins in Union with the Blessed Divine Father to birth the holy Christ Child within you.

To receive the Codes of Light you must activate the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine Presence, and she is activated through prayer. She will show you how to serve, and as my beloved Yeshua said, only those who serve can truly rule. Only those who serve can enter the Kingdom.

So much seems to be buried and long forgotten and the breath of the Holy Spirit, as she bridges heaven and earth, will bring truth again to humanity.

You must know how to dance with the Divine Feminine. She is within, she is the indwelling presence. Do not continue to keep her in exile, rescue her and you shall rescue yourself. As you get to know the Divine Feminine Within and embody her, you are creating space for the Divine Masculine to emerge as a powerful defensor of the SOUL. This starts to create an inner wholeness that is then reflected in your outside world as wholeness.

In this wholeness you can manifest the Kingdom of Heaven, the Malkootah. You must remember that the Creative Divine power of ALAHA is actually co-creative, he/she needs your help. You were not created as puppets or victims, you are in a beloved partnership with ALAHA and when you make space for this partnership and serve ALAHA, alaha will serve you.

When Yeshua and I performed healings together, these were seen as Miracles, and they were, they are. These Miracles were a manifestation of our union. There is only one LAW you must learn from Yeshua and me, Mary Magdalene, the LAW OF LOVE.


Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

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