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Channeling Yeshua - David. The Lineage of Light

The Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Presence, which I guard and protect, is enlightening those who are ready to open their hearts and allow Her pure essence to permeate all parts of your being, the physical and the energetic. The Feminine Principle must be cultivated to sustain the power and beauty of the Codes of Light on your planet.

Just as you carry a lineage through your bloodline, there is also a Lineage of Light. The Lineage of Light is awakened when you become aware that you are the seed of the Divine Mother - Father. As you become aware that you are the Holy Child you yourself reseed Mother Earth with a race that fully embodies the Lineage of Light. This is the Lineage of the Soul that remembers.

I am here as a guardian of the Divine Feminine Presence, I am here as a guardian of my mother Mary Magdalene, the Holy of Holies, the Bride of Christ. You see my Mother as a Mystic, and this she was and is, Mystic because she practiced Love as the Path of Illumination and she saw the Holy in her Humanity, just as she sees the Holy in your Humanity. The Bride of Christ has come here to take you out of exile and take you into Jerusalem.

My father Yeshua taught that the journey of the Divine feminine in men and women is about finding wholeness. My father preached this message and acted on this message. My mother Mary Magdalene is here to resurrect this message within you. Remember your Lineage of Light, this is your soul ancestry. The more of you who remember that you are birthed from the Union of the Divine Mother Father and are the manifestation of the Holy Seed, you will once again have your spiritual DNA activated and you will birth a new fertility, a new life, a new creation.

Yeshua - David

Channeled by Ana Otero


Ana Otero

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