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Channeling Yeshua - David. The New Coming

I started Channeling Yeshua-David about 4 years ago, yet 2 years ago he said he would stop coming to me as I needed to concentrate on the Messages from his Sister Sarah Tamar, along with Mary Magdalene and the Christ Lineage. As a Divine Masculine Vibration he wanted to support and protect the Coming of the Temple of the Divine Mother on Earth and that I needed to work on this Temple as well. His apparitions were few, and I always remembered an energy of immense humanity in his apparitions. His energy was light and very grounded at the same time.

It has been 2 years since I have not received his apparitions and on October 31, 2021, he appeared to me again. His energy was stronger and even more grounded. Yeshua David explained to me that now he is coming into the electromagnetic field of the earth to help in the healing of the polarization and to awaken a powerful Divine Masculine Presence.

The first time Yeshua David came to me I asked him if he was the son of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. He said to me that he was born from the union of MM and Yeshua and a lot more that I will be sharing.

I would like to share with you today part of the message received on October 31, 2021.

Blessings to you.

I am witnessing the freedom regarding your spiritual choices and the power you have to access spiritual information. You are now aware that separation has always been an illusion, even separation between the spirit world and the manifested world. I am here, speaking to you, and there is no separation. Feel my presence, take in my words.

So as you come to know that it is the Ego Self that separates and looks for validation outside, you have learned that it is the Soul that longs for inner union, it is you that needs to look at yourself and know that you are looking at the Face of God (Divine Mother - Father), for nothing is separate.

True Unity cannot happen in the vibration of Illusion and now that the veil is lifted, Unity is being poured down into the Earth. The Celestial Energies of the Divine Masculine have given space to the Divine Feminine Presence for her to Heal in Men and Women and for Souls incarnated as women to learn to take back your personal power by providing love for yourselves. We have been guarding, protecting and holding the Spiritual Vibrations of the Divine Feminine so she could manifest herself with power in your Dimension. My mother Mary Magdalene, my Sister Sarah Tamar, my grandmother Mother Mary and so many other Holy Women are in your Dimension, leading, healing and teaching.

My father Yeshua prepared humanity for Spiritual Motherhood, this does not just mean giving birth to your creations and to tend to, love and nurture them, this also means to hold in love all that is around you so that it does not fall into the hands of the old structures of separation and control. All of Humanity is learning lessons in Motherhood, for all of you are here to birth.

You are here in this time “create” The New. This does not mean to think new thoughts, this means that you must experience in a new way. Humanity is impregnated now with the New Coming. This New coming is not in form, but in Spirit, Spirit incubated in your wombs, an implanting of the Holy seed that will harvest in a time outside of time. The Holy one is now one with you.

This Time outside of time is what you are living in, as time as you know it is being replaced with the spaciousness of heaven.

Remember that the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine together in Holy Union birthed the Love of God (Divine Mother - Father) into form. You are this form. There is still much for you to learn. How very exciting for you to be the Children of the New Coming.

Yeshua - David

Channeled by Ana Otero


Ana Otero

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