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Epiphania, Full Moon and the Light of Christ

Epiphania is the manifestation of the divine essence of Christ within the human being, the ascension of the christic solar energy through the spinal column as the Serpent rises and is initiated with the Chrism of the Holy Dove.

As we celebrate the Epiphany, we are in devotion to Yeshua Messiah, Christed ascended master who teaches us that The Cosmic Drama of Birth, Life, Crucifixion, Death, Resurrection must be fulfilled within us so we may awaken and birth the Cosmic Christ. In the Desert Rose Teachings, on this day there is also a Celestial Celebration of the Divine Feminine Presence , it is that of Mother Mary, Maryam, and Elisheva, Elizabeth.

Maryam means: the one who holds the infinite light of the Feminine.

Elisheva (Mother of John the Baptist) The House of God of the 7, meaning the Earthly Body Temple Vessel that is meant to hold Alaha (Divine Mother Father) through the Path of initiation. 7 is also the Number of the Holy Spirit, of Shekhinah, and the number that activates the Sacred Relationship we have with the Divine Feminine Presence.

As we embody and give birth to the Christ Light, we offer our devotion to the Infinite Light of the Feminine (a light that cannot be seen, as She is the Mystery) and we embrace the Shabbat, the Divine Relationship with Shekhinah, continuing the journey of our Soul Evolution through the Path of Sacred Initiation.

Just as Yohanan de Baptizer and Yeshua form a unity of the Solar and Lunar, Mother Mary and Elisheva also embody the aspect of the Solar and Lunar.

We have prepared our Bodies in initiation through the 12 Days of Gnostic Christmas, consecrating our Bodies as the Home of Alaha (Elisheva), and on the Epiphania we receive and become Maryam, the one who holds the Infinite Light of the Feminine. As we become the Maryam, the Christ Light is birthed through us. WE ARE CHRISTED.

On this day we are gifted by the 3 Wisemen gold, frankincense and Myrrh.

Gold represents the kingship of Christ as we activate and birth the Cosmic Christ within us and through us. This is our true sovereignty.

Frankincense symbolizes the honoring of our gifts and divinity and the knowing that our Soul is immortal.

Myrrh is given to us so that we have empathy and understanding for the suffering of humanity and that we may be humble in our Kingship - Queenship. We know that the body is finite and we bless the life and incarnation we have been given.

Epiphania is celebrated in 2023 on a Full Moon in Cancer, January 6th, the Moon of the Mother, at 16 degrees, which is a number 7.

May Mother Moon bless that which is being revealed and manifested to us, within us, and through us.


Epiphany Blessings from my Heart to yours.

Image from The Desert Rose Oracle Cards that will be released soon. Artist: Gabriel Icka M.


Ana Otero

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