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Hathor - Venus Mudra for Divine Union and Compassion

Hathor - Venus Mudra to activate Compassion and Divine Union. This is one of my favourites that I practice every day. What I have mostly experienced in this Mudra is the ability to remain neutral in situations where I am being triggered by a totally polar opposite energy. I remain in compassion. I encourage all of you to try this mudra.

The Hathor - Venus Mudras and practices are powerful tools that prepare our body to contain the light and to generate creative energy.

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were of the Venus Lineage. The Highest teaching of Venus is the Light of Creation, the Light that has no duality, this is actually what MARYAM means: THAT WHICH HOLDS THE INFINITE FEMININE LIGHT OF CREATION. When Venus is exalted she pours this light through the Aramaic frequency of VAV, which symbolizes the Divine Child, the Christ, that which contains the pure essence of ALAHA, Mother-Father Divine in Sacred Unity.

The Desert Rose Teachers of the Venus Lineage are here to teach us our true essence, which is the Light of Creation.

Through this Light of Creation the seeds of Lilith that we carry as a humanity are no longer nourished and we activate LIFE, EVE, the Garden of Eden. As we receive the Second Coming through Kallah Messiah Mary Magdalene, we have the opportunity to receive our original Divine Human Template. This is the return of the MARYAMS. The Divine Destiny of Humanity is to embody the INFINITE LIGHT OF THE FEMININE, and as we open to receive HER, the seeds of a new humanity will have space to flourish, to grow, to expand and to become.

Have a blessed day. Moon in Taurus, we are in the HILMA cycle, the cycle of dreams and prophecy. Try practicing this Hathor - Venus Mudra, after a few days you will feel so much SHALOM (Peace - Unity - Wholeness).

Sending all of you so much love.


Ana Otero

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