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Jupiter in Gemini

Ahava and Blessings

There are spiritual laws that guide the universe. When we understand and follow them, we can connect with greater blessings that endure and sustain our lives.

We begin our week with the Moon in Capricorn. On Monday, a Beit day, this is a perfect day to seed the intentions of the week, although it is actually the second day of the week. Aleph, Sundays, is about connecting and remembering the light. Starting our week with Capricorn sets the tone for Discipline, order, prosperity and a certain type of restriction connected to discipline that will help us make better choices. We must remember to be grounded and that we are here for a purpose. The internal energy of Capricorn is water. It has the potential to be the most spiritual sign of the Zodiac if there is recognition of the self from within. As the Moon passes through each sign, we are all affected by each one of them.

Jupiter makes a significant move within the Cosmic Intelligence this week. The planet of blessings shifts from earthy Taurus to Gemini, where it will remain for a year. Gemini is connected to the Bee frequency in its expression of Community Work and sharing. This transit represents learning to communicate with others, learning to listen, balancing our energy, and avoiding disorganization and confusion. Jupiter is also the planet of expansion, which means that if there is a problem and we remain focused on the problem, it tends to magnify it, sometimes to the point of exaggeration. We must be mindful of what comes out of our mouth, the words we use, and who you choose to listen to. As Gemini is connected to the respiratory system, this is a perfect time for Breathing exercises.

Jupiter in Gemini is a reminder of sharing our Divine Light and having a Communication with our Soul. This will expand our soul expression.

Within each of us resides a divine light, a radiant flame that illuminates our soul and guides us on our sacred journey. This light is our source of clarity and wisdom that reveals the truths hidden within our heart.

Let us take time for moments of stillness to turn inward and embrace this inner light. Allow it to shine brightly, casting away the shadows of doubt and confusion. Through this illumination, we will find the clarity and understanding that our soul seeks. Every answer, every insight, lies within this sacred light.

Embrace the changes in your life as opportunities for growth and enlightenment. Trust in your inner light to guide you through any darkness.

Show compassion and love to yourself and others. Let your light shine through acts of kindness and understanding. As you illuminate the path for others, your own light will grow even brighter.

Spend time each day in quiet reflection or meditation. Connect with your inner divine essence. Ask yourself, "What is my soul teaching me?" and listen with an open heart. Allow the light within to reveal the answers and guide you towards deeper understanding.

Remember, you are a vessel of divine light, capable of great love and wisdom. Nurture this light, let it guide your actions, and watch as it transforms your life and the lives of those around you. As Mary Magdalene says in her Gospel, 'Be in harmony, if you are out of balance, take inspiration from manifestations of your true nature.' Let this harmony inspire you to embrace your true nature and shine your light brightly.

May our week be blessed. Please remember to continue the Counting of the Omer as this is activating and cleansing our Tree of Life Template.

Card from The Desert Rose Oracle Cards. Artist: Gabriel Icka.

This week is the Celebration of the Birth of The Desert Rose Oracle Cards! I can´t believe it has been a year already. Over 300 Desert Rose Oracle Cards have found a Temple space in the homes of so many souls.

Thank you for your Presence.


Ana Otero

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